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How to Kick Someone Who Ditched You

How to Kick Someone Who Ditched You


In some of the cases, it has been seen that though you love your partner very much but still he or she tries every sort of planning to avoid you or neglect you. In some of the cases it has also been seen that despite of your love and relationship, your partner ditches you like anything for someone else and often it hurts you the most as you were really attached to him or her. In such situations, the need of the hour is to teach him or her a lesson as if you let your partner go, they will try to do the same with someone else and the best way to take your revenge in such cases can be described as follows:-

How to Kick Someone Who Ditched You

How to Kick Someone Who Ditched You

1. Never Get Burst All of A Sudden:-

In order to kick your partner, you should not let yourself get burst all of a sudden, but instead you should try staying calm to wait for the perfect moment. Let your partner think that you are innocent enough to get an idea about what he or she is doing and let them celebrate the ditch that they have done with you.

2. Don’t even cry:-

Never even cry as it may give them an idea that you are sad because of what they did with you and that you are planning revenge. Never give your partner a single clue about your thoughts band instead try to find out whom have they reached after ditching you.

3. Plan a Perfect Revenge:-

Afterwards, when you find out the person whom your partner has reached after ditching you, you should spare some proofs of your relationship to show them to that person. Now manage to find some time to have an appointment with that person and do not let your partner have a single idea about it.

4. Expose Him or Her to Public:-

Now when you meet your partner’s new partner or the person who has been approached by him now, you should tell that person about all what happened amongst you both and about your partner’s habit of ditching in order to take advantage of others. Work on a perfect plan together to teach him or her lesson now.

5. Mortification:-

Nothing is as bad as getting mortified in public and you should target such person at public places only. Simply call him in a restaurant full with people in it or call him by the roadside where pedestrians are commuting regularly. This will be the perfect place to kick and slap him or her for what he or she has done to you.

6. A Final Kick:-

Now ask the person to come and meet with you at the desired site. Make sure that there are enough people at that place. First meet yourself with that person and then call his/her newly approached partner. He/she will get startled to see you both at a single place and will try his/her best to manipulate the circumstances. This is the right time to kick him/her harder and slap him/her like anything.


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