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How to Keep Whatsapp Offline

How to Keep Whatsapp Offline


Whatsapp is a cross platform instant messaging service using which you can have contact with all the people using this service and send them locations, contacts, voice clips, videos, pictures, voice clips, video clips, etc. that makes you have a better kind of interaction with your friends, but sometimes this application becomes a blunder when the unwanted people start messaging you continuously seeing you online. In case you need to have a kind of privacy within your gadget that enables you to be offline even while you are online, you may use the trick that I am mentioning here.

How to Keep Whatsapp Offline

How to Keep Whatsapp Offline

1. Open the Applications Option from the Settings:-

First of all, you will need to open the applications option from the settings menu. Now when the settings get opened, you will need to check out the whatsapp out of it and there you will get an option to open up the whatsapp preferences.

2. Click the Whatsapp Application Out Of It:-

Out of the application settings, you will need to click the whatsapp option and then there will be three to four options displayed out of which none will be to clear the application data, the other will be to show notifications and the third one will be to move it to the phone memory or external memory.

3. Uncheck the Show Notifications Option:-

Out of the options that you get, simply make a click on the show notifications icon which will have a tick mark over it that refers to the checkbox. Now, checking this checkbox means that you are allowing the system to fetch notifications out of the application and unchecking which you get able not to receive any kind of notifications out of the Whatsapp application.

4. Set the Privacy within the Application:-

Now when the application settings have been opened, you will simply need to set the privacy option within the application that gives you three kinds of privacy options, one being to hide the status, the other being to hide the profile picture and the third one being to hide the “last seen” of the user. You will need to hide the last seen of your application using this option.

5. While Using the Application:-

Now, while using the application only you will stay online and the rest of time you will stay offline even if your data is kept switched on. Now, whenever you receive a message, there will be no notification displayed for it. Simply switch on the data and the messages that you receive will be fetched inside the Whatsapp application only. Simply switch off the data while checking these messages and the user won’t even get an idea that you have checked the message and you will be depicted offline the most of times.

6. Here Goes the Trick:-

When you check the message being online, there is a blue tick that the sender gets in his or her inbox which means that the recipient has received the message and when you watch your messages after switching the data off, you will still be shown as offline to him and there will be no such blue tick shown to the sender which clearly means that you are offline.


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