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How to Keep Our Environment Clean and Healthy

How to Keep Our Environment Clean and Healthy


With world seeking to “GO GREEN” and the countless moments run by various organizations through the world to keep earth alive and to save the earth, there comes a great need to look forward maturely to keep our environment clean. An environment that is filled with fresh air for everyone, where nobody is sick and surroundings are clean rather. When the world around us will be clean, the way of our living will also is perfectly safe and sound. In this article, we have come with some ways that can help you keep the environment surrounding you to be clean in a way that it keeps the entire environment clean and safe for all some of which are as follows:-

 How to Keep Our Environment Clean and Healthy

How to Keep Our Environment Clean and Healthy

1. Look For Renewable Sources of Energy:-

Renewable sources of energy are the sources of energy that can be recycled again and again. The sources of energy like petrol or fuel wood, etc. are dangerous for environment in a way that firstly, they release carbon after getting burnt and secondly they are nonrenewable and take thousands of years to obtain again. We can use compressed natural gas instead of the firewood and can use paper cups instead of the plastic cups.

2. Separate Dustbins For Every Type of Garbage:-

I will classify the garbage in two categories, one is that is biodegradable waste that includes the peels of fruits and vegetables and the second is of non-biodegradable wastes. I think we should have separate type of dustbins for both types of wastes and the biodegradable waste should be used as manure in kitchen gardens and non biodegradable waste should be left with the municipality to recycle it. Many things like used battery, wires, etc. can be recycled.

3. Use Cycle Instead of Bike:-

When you know that the bikes we run on petrol and diesel are polluting our surroundings, there comes a need to look for an approach that is bio friendly, Thus I will advice all to use bicycle instead of bikes in a way that it improves your health also and does not even pollutes the environment also.

4. Don’t Burn Waste:-

The last thing I will like to advice you is not to burn any type of waste. The leaves of trees can be composed in the soil to increase its fertility. The papers, plastics and metals can be recycled and the wood can be used for some other purpose. Every year, countless trees are cut down to produce papers, if we burn a single paper, we have got the blame of killing a tree, and this paper can be recycled. And Instead of burning out the stuff, I will like to advice you to plant more trees in your surroundings so that you may get fresh air. Trees help even to create a balance of atmosphere with humans.

5. Donate Clothes Don’t Throw Them:-

Some of us have the habit to throw worn off clothes or the ones which are out of their size. But there are some people who can’t even get food of two times how could they manage to get clothes for them? Those clothes can be donated to these people in need as I think they would make a better use of your old clothes than the dustbin.


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