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How to Join Indian Secret Agency Raw

How to Join Raw Agency


RAW Or Research and Analysis Wing were formed on 21st September 1968 by Mr. R.N. Kao with its headquarters in New Delhi. The motto of this agency says “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”.
This one was primarily a foreign intelligence agency of India created after the Indo-Pakistan war in 1962 and the motive of this agency was to complete some intelligence missions. Everyone who dreams to serve and defend his country wants to join this agency and thus in this article we are up with some tips for you to join RAW which are as follows:-

Tips on How to Join Indian Secret Agency Raw - HowFlux

How to Join Indian Secret Agency Raw

The Achievements of Raw?

RAW has achieved a high success rate in missions like CHINESE NUKE PROGRAMME operation and SMILING BUDDHA OPERATION and operation Meghdoot etc. that proved to be highly successful in Indian history. The success and power of this agency makes every Indian proud and enthusiastic to join it and thus every young and competent heart that wants to serve his country tries his best to join this agency.

Why Should I Join Raw?

The function of RAW is to gather foreign intelligence and to counter terrorism. The officers at RAW are trained with basic training. And advance training. The high military officials and the best chosen candidates from defense services are chosen for RAW missions and the motive of all of them is to counter crime. RAW is never answerable to the parliament and has to answer only to the Prime Minister. This only thing keeps it out of the R.T.I and most of its officials are trained in U.S.A, Israel, U.K, Diff sub-groups of RAW are ETS, NTRO, RRC, and ARC.

The Special Frontier Force, SFF serves as RAW’s assault free. Are you looking for a job that makes your parents feel proud of you? Do you want to serve your mother nation? Do you want to live with your doom blanket tied on your waist? Does your heart get filled with patriotism seeing somebody dying for the country, come and take the challenge, prepare for RAW.

Enquiring More About Raw:-

To enquire more about RAW, You can search about this job in search engines and look for the aptitude tests. If you still feel agitated what can be done to clear it, take advice from a relative or friend in defense. The service of RAW is even added in some of the movies and the heroes are seen as the RAW agents, seeing those movies can even inspire you a lot.

How Can I Join Raw?

Most of the officials are recruited from the military forces, I.P.S or are directly recruited by RAS, which stands for the RAW Allied Services. RAS test for the recruitment of RAW officials. One of the tests taken by it is NATI (National Aptitude Test for Intelligence) RAS takes tests for the recruitment of the RAW agents in the form of personality tests and psychology tests and interviews in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate who wants to join RAW. BASIC TRAINING and ADVANCE training is provided to the candidates that clear the test. Advance training involves face interrogation, self defense, martial arts, training in weapons and handling gadgets etc.


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