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How to Join Indian Navy Career

How to Join Indian Navy


The Indian Navy was formed in the year 1830 with a motto “SHAM NO VARUNAH” which means” may the lord of Oceans be auspicious unto us” The Indian Navy is trained and specialized to guard the coastal boundaries of our nation and is under the allegiance of the “REPUBLIC OF INDIA” It has got 181 ships and 279 aircrafts with it. It comes under the “INDIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENCE” and “INDIAN ARMED FORCES” and has the headquarters in New Delhi. The chief of the naval staff is the commander of it and the president of India serves as the commander in chief of it.

How to Join Indian Navy

How to Join Indian Navy Career

Why To Join The Indian Navy?

The Indian navy qualifies and trains you to serve for the protection of its coastal borders and has a highly sophisticated network of ships, submarines, and aircrafts and war crafts. The sailors in the Navy are provided with exclusive training either through direct entry or through lateral entry. The direct entry MER for entry in the Indian Navy is help two times in a year qualifying which you get a direct entry in it. If you wish to go for a job that pays you besides making you travel, if you are interested in a job full of adventure and pays you a smart salary besides giving you an opportunity to serve the nation, you can go for this job.

Tests To Qualify For Joining The Indian Navy:-

In order to join the Indian navy, firstly you should stay good in studies. You should be unmarried and should be 17 to 20 years in age. You should have a matriculation with at least 55% or above with Mathematics and science as a subject. The height should be 157 centimeters and weight should also be proportional to the height. You should pose a good mental and physical fitness also. For the direct entry, you need to qualify the MER exam and the recruitment for which will directly be done by the navy and the short listed candidates will get call letters for the job after qualifying the physical compatibility test. If you are a sportsman, you can even go for the sports quota.

The second way to enter into the navy is through the C.D.S or combined defense services exam that is taken by U.P.S.C twice an year for which you should be graduate from any stream with good marks, you can go for the combined defense services or C.D.S exam that is taken twice a year on the basis of your bachelor’s degree by U.P.S.C qualifying which you get eligible for the interview and passing the physical test, you are sent to the I.N.A or the Indian Navy Academy that trains you to serve as a navy official. You should be 20 years in age to sit in this exam.

What I Get Joining The Indian Navy:-

Joining the Indian Navy can give you basically everything that a defense person gets. You are trained enough to survive the toughest of situations. You work for the pride of your country; you get the respect that people give to a patriot and what not? If you look for a job that makes you serve the nation besides giving you an awesome salary, you should readily go for this job.


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