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How to Introduce a New Dog to your Existing Dog

How To Introduce Your Dog?


Trick To Introduce Your Dog:-

To introduce your dog to another dog, the dogs recognize each other and become familiar with each other on the basis of their smell and thus the new old dog needs to get in touch with the smell of the new dog to introduce the both without any sort of problems.

The meeting of both the dogs should be made on an isolated place where no other dog can interfere among the both in any way.

How to Introduce a New Dog to your Existing Dog

How to Introduce a New Dog to your Existing Dog

This Can Be Done By Using A Simple And A Safe Trick With Your Old And New Dog.

Let the new dog run in that place for a while and let its smell spread in that area, then take back that dog with you and allow the other dog to walk in that area and get familiar with the smell of the first dog.

Since both the dogs know each other already by smell, it gets easier for both to meet face to face with each other. This proves to be advantageous for both the dog and the owner as the both dogs know each other already and won’t run away or create a problem.

Whenever our friends tell us to share our room and toys with another friend of ours, we hesitate a bit firstly and feel irritated to share our toys and room with that friend of ours, same is the case with dogs, even they feel it difficult for themselves to share their toys and home with another dog but this can be overcome by making a smooth and safe introduction.

Dogs Interact When They Are Ready To Make Interaction With Each Other.

The introduction should be a positive one and the dogs when sniffing each other should be encouraged in a happy voice. Firstly just a few seconds of sniffing should be allowed and then the dogs need to be pulled away gently form each other, after a minute or two, the dogs can be let to meet and interact with each other again.

What Not To Do :-

A dog’s body language tells a lot about it. The postures can help someone understand what the dog is actually feeling and whether the things are going well or not with him.
Understanding how your dog is feeling at the moment is the most important point in the direction of the interaction of both the dogs. The dogs should be let to interact with each other but carefully so as to prevent any mishappening.


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