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How to Install Pavers Around your House

How to Lay Pavers


Pavers can be regarded as the tiles or the bricks that are used on the exterior of our houses in order to give a lavish look to the exterior of our houses, make linings of the gardens and as the ramp of our personal vehicles. There is no actual adhesive to fix these pavers and thus there is a need to look for the approaches that help us lay these in a better way and thus we have come with some self help pavers laying tips for you in this article.

How to Install Pavers Around your House

How to Install Pavers Around your House

1. Measuring The Area:-

In order to lay the pavers in the requisite portion of your house, firstly you will need to measure it. Just take a measuring tape, fix one end of it with a screw in the ground at the starting area and take the other end to the other side. Measure up all the curved surface area of that portion and then go for purchasing right sort of pavers fitting in it.

2. Choosing The Pavers:-

Now when you know the area in which you have to lay pavers, you just need to judge the right type of pavers that you are going to lay in that portion of your house. Now when you select a specific type of paver, just measure its area and divide the area of the portion in which you are going to lie pavers by the area of single unit and thus this way you will come to know the exact amount of pavers that you need.

3. Sloping Care:-

While going for the further approaches like lying pavers at the front area or while making slope, It is but obvious that some of the pavers will get broken or some might even need to be cut down in halves to be fitted in and thus I advise you to for some extra pavers as well. Now when you have got the exact number and type of pavers, what are you waiting for? Just bring them home.

4. Lay Up The Sand Base:-

Lay up some sand in the portion that you have to lie pavers in. Spread this sand evenly avoiding any hustle bustle making the slope as you want. Sprinkle water on the pavers as well on the sand base laid by you. Now start laying the pavers one by one, keeping one parallel to the other and meeting each other in perfect symmetry.

5. Lay Up The Pavers:-

Keep on leaving gaps where you think there are ups and downs or the paver needs to be cut down and there is less space, else keep on laying pavers as it is till the entire portion gets finished. Keep filling cement in between where it is needed to do so. You can even take the help of a mason if needed.

6. Fill Up The Blank Areas:-

While lying the pavers, there must also be some spaces left in between and thus you are advised to fill these blank areas at last. You can fill the middle spaces with grout or you may even fill these with tile chemical or even quick dry cement whatever you prefer.


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