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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinet refers to the drawer section in any kitchen which can be bought in use to store kitchen items as well as other such products. Kitchen cabinets take a big sum of money out of your pockets if you ask a professional to install cabinets in your kitchen. Though this job is performed only by professional cabinet maker and fixers, but you can also install kitchen cabinets in your kitchen adopting the following tip:-

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

1. Choose the Material:-

If you choose wood for making kitchen cabinet, it will always stay prone to termites and ants which make their nest in wood. A few days back, I went to an interior designer shop in my area and a Malaysian PVC profile had arrived new in their shop. This profile was resistant to termites and ants. You can also reach the interior decorator or your area in order to inquire him about the possible options for building materials from him. First inquire about the possible material options and then choose the best one for your kitchen cabinet.

2. Take the Perfect Measurement:-

Now bring home the cabinet building material and take the measurement of your kitchen keeping in mind the space and your expectations of storage fulfillment from your kitchen cabinet. Take the desired size specifications and begin constructing the cabinet after it only.

3. The Kind of Kitchen Cabinet you need:-

Now adjudge the kind of kitchen cabinet you need. When I got my house constructed, we had asked the builder to leave space for kitchen cabinet to be built and he had built the cabinet body with iron bars, cement and bricks only. All we were left with was just to get the doors affixed on those cabinet spaces. It is thus up to you if you wish to make a complete cabinet yourself or you need to build it some other way.

4. Affixing the Cabinet Door:-

The measurements of entire cabinet stay rectangular with two pair of sheets kept parallel and one sheet kept perpendicular between them. The fourth side if left for fixing the drawers of the cabinet box. If you find this approach to be complicated, you can draw a diagram first and then you can cut and fix the wooden sheets according to it. Now affix the doors with your cabinet with the help of iron fixing units. The drawer holder will also be attached and thus the cabinet will get completed.

5. Affixing the Door Knob and Other Attachments:-

You can affix a sheet of sun mica on your kitchen cabinet to make it look presentable to the guests or you can even paint and polish it as well. Last but not the least, door knob if fixed and the entire cabinet body is then painted with a perfect paint. The cabinet is fixed at its proper place. If you wish to make it a removable kitchen cabinet, you can even fix small tires below the cabinet. This will make it movable.


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