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How to Install a Security CCTV Camera for your Home

How to Install A CCTV


A CCTV or a Closed Circuit Television Camera is used to monitor or watch someone or to spy on the things going around. These days CCTV camera’s are also bought in use for traffic monitoring, anti-theft monitoring, house monitoring, company monitoring, shop monitoring and even network monitoring through networking CCTV’s. Generally, a majority of CCTV’s are plug and play ones, but if you wish to install and position a CCTV yourself, you can easily accomplish the job following these easy ways:-

How to Install a Security CCTV Camera for your Home

How to Install a Security CCTV Camera for your Home

1. Get the Perfect Cables:-

In order to install or position a CCTV camera, you will first of all need to choose a special corner to set-up the apparatus for it. This will serve to be your monitoring room. Besides this, you will also need to purchase the perfect kind of cables for your CCTV camera. You can also take the help of user manual in order to do the same.

2. Get the Wall Fixing Units:-

There are many types of CCTV camera. Some can be fixed on a single iron nail, pointed on a wall while some others need special stands to be fixed on the wall before positioning them. The next step, thus follows you to get the proper wall-fixing units for positioning your CCTV.

3. Begin From Making The Cable Connection:-

Now all what you have to do, is to make a connection of connecting cables, fixing them from monitoring room to the place where you wish to affix the CCTV camera. You will also need a power cable for supplying power to your CCTV.

4. Affix the Camera at Its Proper Place:-

After the cable connection gets done, you will have to affix the security camera at its proper place. Simply attach it on the wall fixing unit and wire up the camera with one end of your cable which is near to the wall-fixing unit.

5. Make the Connection of monitors:-

Now when your camera has got positioned, you will need to position the monitors or screens to serve as a display unit in your monitoring room. Simply arrange a table and place the screens over it. Make the cable connection with these screens by switching them on video output mode.

6. Connect with the DVR:-

Connect the monitors with DVR. DVR comes along with the camera to serve as a Digital Video Recorder. Simply plug in the cords and you get sorted. A perfect CCTV-monitor-DVR connection will be set-up like this where the DVR will be recording each and every moment captured by the CCTV and your monitor will keep displaying it side-by-side.

7. Testing the Connection:-

When the CCTV-monitor-DVR connection has been set-up from your side, simply plug-in the power of your devices and check if the picture is displayed on screen. You can also choose a networking CCTV camera if you wish to network your data securing it with an I.P address.

8. Multiple Connections:-

You will need an AC/DC power box for this purpose. Generally, when we are positioning a single CCTV, we keep in mind just to cover the maximum area with it. In case we have multiple cameras to be fixed, the main aim is to give a better view of the surroundings and for this purpose, we try positioning each camera at a specific corner, so that a camera’s range starts where the other camera’s range is just about to end. Some are even positioned in a way that one camera monitors the other camera as well.


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