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How To Increase Estrogen in Males and Females

How To Increase Estrogen in Males and Females


The functioning of our body depends on hormones. Both men and women produce hormones in their body for various body needs like for conceiving children or for attaining manhood or to produce babies.

How To Increase Estrogen in Males and Females

How To Increase Estrogen in Males and Females

Men’s have the hormone testosterone in a large amount in their body and women’s produce the estrogen hormone in their body. But men’s produce testosterone does not mean they don’t produce estrogen rather. Men’s and women’s produce both the hormones in their body, but in men’s testosterone should be in a large amount and in women’s estrogen should be in a large amount.

Women’s need estrogen for fulfilling their needs like for conceiving a child etc. and they need to make testosterone in a less amount than they produce estrogen. Basically to increase the levels of estrogen in her body, a women needs to eat the stuff that either blocks the formation of unwanted testosterone in her body or begins the production of estrogen with a double speed. Thus, in this post we are up with some tips to increase the production of estrogen in the body of a women some of which are as follows:-

1. Don’t Exercise Too Vigorously:-

It is advised for men’s to exercise vigorously in order to produce more testosterone as exercising reduces the levels of estrogen in their body and produces more testosterone. For women’s we advice they should do light exercises so that the estrogen keeps on producing and the levels of testosterone in their body stay minimal.

If you are an athlete or a sports person, your schedule must be full of tough workouts, so we advice them to have a diet rich in estrogen forming agents, as explained in step 3.

2. Call An Expert:-

Take an expert’s advice the moment you feel to be counseled. Go for a blood test if necessary and stay in touch with your doctor or health care provider/ specialist so that you may call him or her the moment you feel doubtful on something. There are estrogen injections available with pharmacists nowadays, but those should be injected after consulting from specialists only.

3. Take A Healthy Diet:-

Take a diet rich in food supplements that enhance the production of estrogen in your body and in turn block the formation of excess testosterone. A healthy diet is a solution to many of your problems and thus you may eat a diet rich in flex seeds or soy or soy milk or the products rich in vitamin – C etc. you should consume whole grains. Sesame or sunflower seeds can also benefit you a lot in this direction.
You should quit your habits of smoking or any other harmful drugs if you want to stay healthy producing more estrogen.

You can even consume legumes, soya beans or peas etc. in order to increase the formation of estrogen in your body. If you eat processed foods, stop taking it and go for natural and fresh stuff. You can drink coffee if you prefer it.

If you are taking excess of sugars in your diets, you can replace it with sugar free substances or with fruits or fruit juice as liquids are best absorbed in the body.


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