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How to Increase DPI of an Image in Photoshop

How to Increase DPI of an Image in Photoshop


People often stay confused about the pictures in their gadgets and their resolutions. They always seek for the measures that can help them increase the quality of their pictures. One of the awesome methods to do so is to increase the DPI of any picture and thus in this article we have come with some tricks to do so.

How to Increase DPI of an Image in Photoshop

How to Increase DPI of an Image

What Is DPI?

Before understanding how to increase the DPI of any image, you should know what it is? DPI OR Dots per Inch is a calculation of image or video dot density. You can understand it as the number of dots that can be placed in a line within the span of one inch. DPI has nothing to do with the digital image resolution or the image quality, but it can be increased following some simple tricks or by using some application that is specialized to increase the DPI of any picture.

Things To Know Before Doing Anything:-

Before trying to increase the DPI of any image, I will advice you to remember these things; firstly it is not sure that every application that you download is sure to help you with DPI of your image. There are some applications that do not support some image formats so the first need is to select a perfect application for this purpose and for that I will advice you to read reviews written by the users of that application in a way that reading reviews can help us a lot to understand the experiences that we can come across while using a specific application and their solutions also. The perfect application I will advice you for doing so will either be Adobe Photoshop or Paint Application of your system and I am explaining both the ways here.

Increase DPI Using Paint Application:-

The DPI of any image can even be changed using the “paint application” provided in your computer. You need to select the properties of the image whose you want to change the DPI from the file menu and then you need to pen down the image specifications on a page. It will even depict you a resolution DPI and you can now locate another image in the file explorer with the DPI you need and pen down its properties also. Open it also with paint. Super impose the pic whose you want to increase the DPI on another image which already has the requisite DPI. Now just save a new file and you will see that the DPI has changed without making any change in the resolution of the image.

Increase DPI Using Adobe Photoshop:-

Firstly, download the application and get it installed in your system. Note down the image size specifications provided in it clicking the properties. Now open your image in the application and select it and then go to the image size menu and go to the resize image size option. Now you have to unselect the “resample image” check box button provided there.

In the resolution box you have to enter the desired resolution suppose “450” or any other what you wish and click on the “OK” button. Your image DPI has been changed to what you specified and even the dimensions have not changed at all and now you can “SAVE” this photo to a new file pressing “control+S” with a new name.


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