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How To Ignore Your Boyfriend After Breakup

How To Ignore Your Boyfriend After Breakup


Someone has rightly said, ”A break up truly breaks you up”. It is hard to forget a guy that once used to live in your arms, it fills your heart with pain to see that the guy you once dated is now dating some other girl, but you are not a cloth that once he was clad in and now he is throwing. It is high time baby that you tell him you are not a softy doll, you know how to live without him and you are strong enough to love yourself and live alone. Here in this article we are up with some tips to ignore your boyfriend after breakup which are as follows:-

How To Ignore Your Boyfriend After Breakup

How To Ignore Your Boyfriend After Breakup

1. Get Indulged With Some Other Guy:-

The best way to forget your past boyfriend is to try getting indulged with some other guy. You are a beauty, you have brain, you can make anybody fall in love with you and you know what, man’s are beasts, they keep on running after girls. You can bitterly find a new one, and this time pledge you won’t be a victim, you won’t date any of your ex-boyfriend’s friends but find somebody better than him and when you find some guy compatible enough for you, take his loyalty test, get committed with him, he will love you more than your past.

2. Try Music:-

Music is the best tonic to cure all of your tensions, whenever your ex-boyfriend is around and you feel it intolerable, just play some of your favorite song on your mobile with ear phones plugged in your ears and enjoy the music. Dance because of no reason and be happy, believe me, your boyfriend will be utmost jealous when he will see you dancing like anything even after breakup.

3. Recall What He Used To Be:-

You hate dogs and monsters right, isn’t it? Think that your ex-boyfriend was a dog or a monster or just a bad dream that you want to forget now. We stay away of dogs and monsters, so is the way you have to treat him now.

4. Meditate To Empower Yourself:-

Meditation relieves you from stress and enhances the brain power. Start meditating, it will teach you how to focus on a single thing. Focus on your carrier and job more than your ex-boyfriend. You have new goals to make, new heights to reach. Tell yourself, the world needs you, you don’t need anybody.

5. Ask Yourself, Can Somebody Befool You Again?

21st century girls have beauty with brain. You are a diva and I know that. Can some idiot befool a diva? I know he could not befool you, you were bound in attachment and so you could not see his hidden face. But somebody can befool you once and not all the times. Tell yourself, nobody can befool, you ever. Make your limits, spend time in beautifying yourself. Live life at its best with friends. Go to parties, dance like anything and feel like a princess.


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