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How to Hook Laptop to TV Using HDMI or VGA

How to Hook Laptop to TV


In order to hook up your television to a laptop, the basic thing that you need to know is how to make the connections. Some television these days come equipped with wireless transmission and thus can be connected wirelessly but making the use of wired technology, you will need to know what type of slots both the gadgets have and how you will need to connect them

How to Hook Laptop to TV Using HDMI or VGA

How to Hook Laptop to TV Using HDMI or VGA

1. Know The Port:-

Approximately all the television and laptop modern connection ports are specialised with HDMI port facility and thus can be connected making the usage of a HDMI cable. If your television is an old one and does not supports the HDMI output, you might have a VGA port or any other depending on the number of pins. It may be a 16 pin or 8 pin port and you will need to take connection according to that only.

2. Sound Connection:-

sometimes if you have an older version of port, even if you make the desired port connections, still you won’t get the sound and thus I will advise you to purchase a sound cable for this purpose. The sound cable or lead will be connected to the port with head phone icon that will be either at the front or the back of your television or at the side of your laptop. You will need to connect both with the help of a sound lead in order to get the sound if the set is an older one. It might not happen with the case of HDMI ports.

3. Making An HDMI Connection:-

First of all, You will need to purchase an HDMI lead if both the television and laptop have a HDMI port in them and then make the connections desired. Both the gadgets should be kept turned on while doing this. If the Laptop screen is not automatically displayed on television, You can go to the display options in the control panel in order to do so. You can now choose to adjust the resolution and make the desired changes with contrast and brightness as well.

4. Making a VGA Connection:-

If there is a VGA port in your gadgets, you can make the connections using a VGA cable and that would be connected using the VGA ports in your T.V as well as Laptop after turning them On. You might need an audio lead in this case but the rest will be the same as in case of HDMI cable.

5. Connecting The Different Ports With A Single Cable:-

Till now, you must have understood that if both the gadgets have the same type of port, you will need to purchase a lead or cable according to the port in your gadgets so as to connect them with each other but what if both of them have different ports in them?

Suppose your laptop has got an HDMI port but the television has got a VGA port, In this case you will need a transformer connector gadget that will convert your VGA port into the HDMI port after fixing it up in the device with VGA port and thus the both devices will be able to be connected using a single cable only.


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