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How to Help Someone Quit Smoking Weed Permanently

How to Quit Smoking Weed


Smoking is a habit that is proven to be injurious to health and when the government is trying its best to tell people the situation, it can cause to them, It becomes essential for them to look for the measures to quit it and thus here we have come with some ways that can help you quit smoking in this article.

How to Help Someone Quit Smoking Weed Permanently

How to Help Someone Quit Smoking Weed Permanently

1. Learn from The Sufferer’s Stories:-

Stories of the sufferers can teach you a lot. There are many sufferer’s stories recorded with people who died because of smoking. You can look for these videos on youtube and download and watch them. In these videos, the sufferers will themselves tell you how much they suffered because of their habit of smoking. When you know what you will get if you don’t leave this habit of yours, you are likely to leave this habit soon.

2. Self Control:-

Self control is the second main thing that can teach you to quit smoking. You need to control your desires using this way. Tell yourself that you won’t do anything that makes you dependent on it and pledge to quit smoking. You can even pledge to minimize your usage and intake from each coming day.

3. Think Reverse:-

Some people stop smoking after deciding to quit, but feel it impossible for them to control when they think about it. The desire to experience it again makes them feel reluctant to quit smoking and thus I advice you to think reverse in these types of situations. Whenever you feel like you need to smoke, start thinking on some other topic or get indulged in some other important work of yours. The more you sit idle, the more you will think about it.

4. Go For Medication And Counseling:-

There are some pills in the markets that can be purchased from Pharma Shops that help you quit this habit of yours. You can try these pills or If you still feel it impossible for you to quit this habit of yours, you can seek for proper counseling from an expert. You can even fix an appointment with a health specialist time to time to guide you in this direction.

5. Use Substitutes:-

You can even go for the substitutes of cigarettes. Keep some mint or chewing gums or mouth fresheners in your pocket. Start chewing them the moment you feel like you need to smoke. You can even try out other food habits that make you forget this urge of yours.

6. Love, The Binding Force:-

If nothing works, You can try out love as it is the binding force. Swear by someone’s name whom you love that you won’t smoke from today. Throw away all the packets of cigarette that you have and the moment you feel like smoking just ask yourself if you love the relation more or you love the cigarette more? Tell yourself that nobody is greater to you than your relation with that person and you won’t smoke as you really respect him or her. No habit can make you dependent on it more than your relatives.


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