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How to Help Reduce Period Pain at Home

How To Reduce Period Pain


A women meets periods ranging from every 30 to 35 days and this time she has to bear excessive stress and pain related with the process. We call women physically weak, but think again sensible minds, somebody who can bear the pain of periods be physically weak? She is obviously stronger, thus in this article we have come with some ways to reduce the pain in periods by simply using some good to do at home tips some of which can be explained as follows:-

How to Help Reduce Period Pain at Home

How to Help Reduce Period Pain at Home

1. Pain Reliever Pills:-

In order to relieve yourself from the pain of periods, you can take tranquilizers and pain relievers. Tranquilizers can help you get relieved from the menstrual pain and help you stay stress free. Pain relievers can help you a lot, pain relievers like Ibuprofen can help you a lot in order to get relieved from pain of periods. You can even consult a good specialist regarding this, but remember, don’t ever use any high drug dose without prescription from doctor or you can even ask your mother to guide you, even she had been in your age some time earlier.

2. Take Food Rich In Vitamins:-

Take a diet rich in Vitamins. A diet rich in vitamins, including Vitamins like vitamin B6 can even help you to make your brain stronger. Vitamin B6 can help you get strontium; this vitamin can help you get relieved from the pain of periods by keeping you happy. It has been proved in a study that strontium can boost your happiness levels.

3. Take Food Rich In Minerals:-

Taking a diet rich in minerals, you can relieve yourself from the pain of periods. A diet rich in iron and zinc is likely to improve your blood circulation. A diet rich in minerals can improve your immune levels and improve your health. A diet rich in calcium and potassium can help you stay even healthier in your period span.

4. Drink Plenty of Water:-

It is always better to eliminate every unwanted thing our from our body, thus we advice you to drink adequate amounts of water. Drink approximately 2 liters of water every day. Sugars and salts you consume everyday can increase your pain in periods. When you consume an adequate volume of water, the excess of salts get eliminated by means of Urine. The excess toxins and waste from body get eliminated like this and you get relieved from the pain.

5. Do Mild Exercises:-

Take adequate rest in your nights. Use sanitary pads if possible and try to change your sanitary pads regularly or if you are not using pads, try to change your panties on a regular basis. Mild exercises can help you minimize the pain related to periods and help you to stay fit and fine. Try to take as less amounts of caffeine as you can. Try to avoid coffee in your menstrual periods and try to take stretching sessions during the day. You should not let your exercising, get too much intense.


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