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How to Have a Bath in Winter Season

How to Bathe In Winter


Winter means cold and cold means drizzling and chilling effect which can make you start shivering with its name only. When a winter effect is special, winter bathing style should also be special. A great care needs to be taken while bathing in winters as when you bath perfectly, you live perfectly. The water temperature should also be perfect and the bathroom surroundings and arrangements should also be favorable to have a bathe perfectly in winters. Let us discuss how.

How to Have a Bath in Winter Season

How to Have a Bath in Winter Season

1. Proper Water Arrangements:-

In order to bath in winter, first of all you should double check the water arrangements. You can have a water heating rod be purchased for this purpose or you can also manage to have a water geyser be positioned in your bathroom. Simply heat water to perfect temperature and then get it to the bathroom for bathing. If you have a geyser in the bathroom, simply fill in the tub with water and adjust its temperature according to need mixing cold water in it.

2. Keep The Towel And Your Clothes Hung On Hooks Inside The Bathroom:-

When you forget one of your garments or clothes or towel outside the bathroom or outside the shower, you have to face cold for getting it back in order to use it and thus there is no benefit left of bathing in hot water. You can keep your clothes and garments hung inside the bathroom in some hook fixed inside the bathroom to keep yourself spared from the cold.

3. Wash Your Hair and Body:-

Wash out your body first of all. Wash out your hair and remove anything struck between them. Enjoy warm water falling over your body taking you out from the grab of cold water. Watch out the steam moving upside your body and enjoy each and every drop of warm water that you bath with.

4. Shampoo yourself perfectly:-

Take a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo on your palm. Make your hair wet and then apply the shampoo on your hair to generate the foam. After the foam gets generated, simply keep it applied on your hair for two minutes and then you can rinse off your hair with water.

5. Rinse yourself:-

Now there comes the time to rinse you completely. Enjoy a final wash out and then wrap yourself in the towel. Clean each and every part of your body with the towel, removing water from it. Apply the moisturizer on your skin and then wear your garments.

6. Change the Clothes and Move Out:-

Now you can change the clothes. Keep your hair wrapped in a towel and move out of the bathroom. Apply conditioner taking some amount of it on your palm and then comb them properly. You are now ready for facing winter effect. Don’t forget also to place your old garments under the sun after washing them as there is a continuous fear of bacteria growth in them when they are not exposes to sun rays for a long period of time.


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