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How to Hang a Door Step by Step

How to Hang a Door Step by Step


When you are going to fix up a door, a great care needs to be taken as a slight mistake can make it look worse than bad. It is not advisable to hand up a door without proper knowledge as it might prove to be a disaster for you and will waste much of your time if hardware’s malfunction after fixing up. In this article thus we have come with some tips for you to hang a door in a better way.

How to Hang a Door Step by Step

How to Hang a Door Step by Step

1. Door essentials:-

First of all, let me tell you that you will need three screws for every iron fixing plate that is used to joint it with the boundary. You will need door stoppers, handles, hasp and the nuts with hasp closet and tower bolt. You may even need a piler to peel up the door when needed and a screw driver along with the hammer to tighten the bolts.

2. Choosing the door:-

You can go for a door made from Sesame wood as well as any other good wood. I will advice you to get it treated with a termite spray before painting it and you may even go for the plastic or PVC made door as well. You can even go for iron or aluminum door gate as well. The choice totally depends on your budget.

3. Measurement of frame for door:-

The next step that you need to follow is to measure up the door frame. You just need to take a measuring tape and note down the length of the door frame. Now going for the door, you have to keep the size of the door, approximately half an inch shorter than the inner curved surface area of the frame.
You may even take the help of a carpenter while doing so.

4. After you get the door:-

Now when the door has been made, you just need to fix it up in the frame. You just need to first of all put the door in the frame without fixing it actually in order to see how much you need to peel it up with a piler in order to fix it up in the space. The next thing that you need to do is to affix the handles as well as the hasp on it. You need to fix the hasp closet parallel to the hasp on the frame.

Now you need to screw up the iron fixing plates from one side on the door from the side where it is to be fixed in the frame and adjust the gate like it is in the opening position and fix up the other side of the iron fixing plates in the wooden frame. Now when the gate has got fixed, you can try to close it. If it gets closed properly with all the hardware’s fixed working properly, you can paint it up or if there is something wrong, you can seek to correct it up. You can even take the help of a carpenter or some other member of the family while doing so.


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