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How to Handle Criticism and get Something Good out of it

How to Handle Criticism


To criticize someone is to disapprove someone on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes. Suppose if me and you both study a play “King Lear” written by Shakespeare and I agree upon the fact that Shakespeare was very much right in describing cordilia (Lear’s daughter) to be dead in the end, but you say that the end was not apt and instead Shakespeare should have ended the play with a positive mood making Lear and Cordilia live happily forever like a good father and daughter, this would be criticizing the play as actually you are disapproving Shakespeare’s way of describing error of judgment or hamartia in his play. It is ok if someone criticizes a book as it always improves the intellect, but if someone is criticizing you in person, you can adopt the following tips in order to handle criticism:-

How to Handle Criticism

How to Handle Criticism

1. Never try to prove others wrong and instead appreciate them:-

When someone tries to criticize your point, it means you were of a value to be heard by people. Never see the negative side and instead see something positive in everything. Hundreds of critics try to criticize famous writings every day, but none of the writers pay heed to it as they know that by getting criticized, they will only come to know about what they need to improve in their works and thus instead of getting frustrated with others words, you should appreciate them for helping you find a flaw in yourself. Never try to prove them wrong and instead appreciate them for what they helped you to find in yourself.

2. Bring Forward Your Point of View:-

Just by accepting someone else’s point of view does not mean that you have become small. Listen to the other person’s words first. Reply in a calm voice that you agree with their statement and then put forward your point of view. People will stop criticizing you once you start following this approach.

3. Have A Debate on the Issue from Both Sides:-

It is ok when a single person is criticizing you, but there is always a point when a group of people starts criticizing you, and in such a situation, you can have a debate with them putting forward your point of you and asking them to put forward their point of view. Debating like this, you all will be able to reach a favorable conclusion.

4. Use Thinking Power As Well As Your Senses:-

You should never take yourself to be always right and instead there can also be some fault in you as well. You should accept all such faults and you should also adopt all the possible approaches to bring about the improvement of such factors in yourself. Once the flaw gets removed, no one will criticize you because of it.

5. Give Time to People for Adjudging:-

Some people always take you wrong in the beginning. It takes time for them to understand you, but soon even they come to know that you are good at heart and that you had no ill intentions besides a fault that you have made. You should give enough time to such people so that they may be able to adjudge you before reaching to any conclusion about them.


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