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How to Grow Pumpkin in Your Home Garden

How to Grow Pumpkin in Your Home Garden


Pumpkin is a round, yellowish and slightly orangish pulpy vegetable. It is thought to have originated in North America and is also seen as a sign of Halloween festival. Some sweets are also made with pumpkin and also its seeds are rich in a number of health benefits for us. This vegetable is a hub of qualities and health benefits and if you wish to bring it home to grow it in your kitchen garden, you can easily do this by following these simple steps:-

How to Grow Pumpkin in Your Home Garden

How to Grow Pumpkin in Your Home Garden

1. Get the Perfect Pumpkin Seeds:-

First of all, you will have to reach the farmer’s shop in order to purchase some pumpkin seeds for yourself. Pumpkins grow best when you plant its seed directly into the ground. It is better if you purchase the high yield variety ones.

2. Dig the Mud and Sow the Seeds:-

The best time to sow pumpkin seeds is when soil is having seventy degree Fahrenheit temperature and thus you can wait for the perfect temperature season to arrive for growing your seeds. Pumpkins require nearly two and half frost-free months to grow. Dig off and uproot all the weeds grown in your kitchen garden to avoid competition for food amongst the plants in your kitchen garden.

3. Keep Away From Frost:-

Pumpkins can get spoiled if you plant them in the season of frost and thus we advise you not to plant them till frost is seen in weather of your area. Pumpkin also requires a large space for growing and thus your kitchen garden should be spaced enough as well.

4. Feeding Time for Pumpkin:-

After growing, pumpkins are on a regular feeding schedule. For this purpose they need a soil rich in nutrients. The soil should not be too much soggy and should be well-drained. For making your kitchen garden’s soil match these requirements, you may need to add some compost or manure also. Keep supplying the fertilizers to meet nitrogen and phosphorus needs of the soil in your kitchen garden.

5. Water them regularly:-

Water needs of this plant are as large as its fruit. You will need to supply lots of water to grow healthy and heavy pumpkins. You should try to keep foliage and fruit dry while watering a pumpkin plant and when you see the plant sprouting, it should be provided with a support soon to let it grow further more.

6. Keep Attaching Supports:-

The more, the plant grows, the more supports might be needed. Keep the plant pest-free by sprinkling pesticides. Let the flowers sprout and blossom. They will soon get converted into a fruit.

7. Farmer’s Helpline:-

Don’t forget to call a farmer’s helpline of your area to get counseled by them in this direction according to the crop needs in your area and according to your soil type. If you are planting pumpkins on a large scale, you might also need a scarecrow to be affixed in between to prevent crows from spoiling the pumpkins.

8. Harvesting Your Pumpkins:-

Harvest the pumpkins when they actually become big enough. Keep in mind not to hurt the stem while plucking off each of them. You should not harvest any of the pumpkins before they get matured. A pumpkin gets matured when its skin turns with a deep-solid (orangish or yellowish) color according to the variety that you had chosen to grow.


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