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How to Go Against the Society

How to Go Against the Society


To go against the society has been always a rebel. There are many situations in which you may have to go against society. It includes the time when you fall in love with an inter caste girl or in case there is some violence going on in the name of religion. The society is full of orthodox ill-beliefs most of which are just ridiculous and if you experience one such orthodox result of temperament of society, you obviously have to go against it. I won’t ask you the reason why you wish to go against the society, but if you have made your mind to go for it, you should keep in mind these tips:-

How to Go Against the Society

How to Go Against the Society

1. Pack Your Bag against Everything:-

When you plan to go against the society, you should first pack your bags as a rebel against society may make you leave your parents home and surroundings. In some of the cases, entire family of the one who goes against society has to leave the area. In village areas of states like Haryana (India), marrying the girl of same caste means you are going against the laws of society. Such a family is boycotted and they are not allowed to reside in the particular village.

2. What Is Your Financial Source:-

The second thing that you should ensure while going against the society is that if you have enough wealth or money with you or not. History is the proof that those who have gone against the society have lost their parental property, wealth and what not. When you already know that you are planning a rebellion against society, you should first ensure your economical source which will prove to ensure ways of livelihood for you.

3. Are You Responsible enough:-

Your life is not just limited to you only but your parents, relatives and friends are also directly or indirectly related to it. If you try to go against the society, the society will approach these people connected with you. In order to be able to face the society and go against it, you should first be responsible enough against your family. First think about them and then think about yourself.

4. What If It Makes You Starve:-

A battle against the society can sometimes make you starve. It depends particularly on the situation that you are facing and the level of its tenderness. If you are standing against the society for a noble cause, you should think about nothing but the cause itself and you should be ready to face any kind of impediments that you face on your way.

5. Can We Find a Solution by Talking:-

In some of the cases, it is better to talk and sort out the circumstances than to get indulged in a riot. If the situation instead grabs your hand, you can seek for police protection. The laws of the country can also prove to safeguard you in certain cases. You should also not let motivation leave your hand as a lack of motivation can also prove to be an impediment for you in such cases.


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