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How to Go About Breaking a World Record

How to Go About Breaking a World Record


Guinness book of world records is a book where one can easily make space for himself if he or she has got the guts to do something which no one else has done earlier. There are many records broken by people in order to make space for themselves in this book. It never costs anything to get registered for breaking a world record or to break it and get recorded finally in the Guinness book. All it takes is a bit of guts from your side. Here we are mentioning some easy steps to do the same.

How to Go About Breaking a World Record

How to Go About Breaking a World Record

1. Think what you are good at:-

A world record may be a record about anything. Like a person with the longest length of mustache, a person who has tallest height, a person who has smallest height or similar other such fields in which people make records. Simply choose something genuine. You can also try breaking someone else’s record if you don’t have something unique to make a record with.

2. Don’t Choose Stupid Ideas:-

If you think you wish to make a record of killing 100 dogs, this one is a foolish idea as the board members in Guinness book of world record never entertain a person with foolish ideas or who chooses any record which makes cruelty to animals. You should also not choose anything which violates or breaks the laws.

3. Contact Guinness Book of World Records:-

Now it is the time to finally contact Guinness book of world records. Simply click and then click “break the record” option to contact Guinness book of world records. Tell them what sort of record you wish to claim and wait to get some response from their side.

4. Evidence of Recording:-

You can also choose fast track option for contacting Guinness book of world records if you wish to get contacted soon. It takes time for Guinness book people to adjudge if the quality and traits in you are enough for breaking a record or not. They research on any proposal before accepting or rejecting it. You should also not forget to take an evidence of the recording. The Fast track option includes fees to be charged, but it never gives you a guarantee that your record will be registered surely.

5. Be genuine and never fake about anything:-

Your record should be genuinely made by you and you should not try to fake it with stupid tricks. A record is something genuine and special done by someone and it is never a matter of tricks. You should read the rules and guidelines issued by Guinness book before planning to try breaking any record.

6. After Your Proposal gets accepted:-

Afterwards, when your proposal gets accepted, you just have to bring out the hidden guts in yourself to stay for maximum time or minimum time in the record that you are breaking. It should also not put anyone’s life at risk and the better you break a record, the better position you get for yourself in the Guinness book.


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