How to Give Cat a Bath

how to give cat a bath without getting scratched


The small cats that we make pet in our houses are equally dangerous as the wild cats that are found in jungle. I was talking with an animal related researcher once and he told me that almost all the major species of cats, including the ones we have in our houses, try attacking the neck of the individual once they feel they are in danger and thus these are amongst the most dangerous creations of god. In case you have got a pet cat within your house, you must also be looking for the cleanliness options for it as well and in case you need to go for the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to give cat a bath without getting scratched

How to Give Cat a Bath

1. Feed it and give it a treat:-

In order to give your cat a bath, you will first of all be required to feed it with something that it likes. The treat given this way will make its mood get boosted and then it will go for anything that you do with it in a happy mood till you do not spoil it.

2. Tie it somewhere:-

If your cat is likely to get agitated after water being fallen on its fur, you may choose to tie a belt around its neck and then tie it to a pole or something else so as to prevent it from running away. You may even choose to wait till it gets asleep or give it some sleeping pills for giving it a wash.

3. Give it a gentle water shower:-

Now begin with a gentle shower of water being given to your cat. This will make it wet. Simply put a gentle shower of water on it with normal pressure or you may even put it more gently so as to have the water being poured in a slow way on the cat.

4. Use some gentle and mild pet soap solution with its body:-

After the cat gets perfectly showered, you are advised to use some gentle and mild pet soap or pet soap solution against its body. Generate the foam and avoid making contact with its eyes so as to keep it normal. The entire body needs to be cleaned with soap this way.

5. Look for the external agents:-

You are advised to look for the external agents, including the mites and other such small organisms that may reside in the cat’s ears or underside of it sucks its blood. Try removing these intruders before you rinse it off with water.

6. Rinse off with water and let it get dry:-

Now, after you are done with the rest of approaches, you may choose to rinse the cat off with water. This will make the soap solution get flown away from its body and then the cat will be perfectly cleaned. Then clean it off to make it dry with a towel. The cat will get cleaned perfectly this way.


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