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How to Get Video on Skype Group Chat

How to Video Chat on Skype


Skype is a telecommunications application software that specializes in video chatting as well as making video calls over internet on computers, tablets, mobiles, laptops and what not? Skype can be used to call over internet to anywhere and thus this feature is of a great benefit for all the internet users and this is the only reason this time we are explaining some tips that you can follow while video chatting with people on Skype.

How to Get Video on Skype Group Chat (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Get Video on Skype Group Chat

1. Things That You Need:-

First of all you will need an application of Skype. And secondly, you will need a web cam if you are using a personal computer or you can even use Skype on your smart phone if it has got a front camera. If you are using a personal computer, you will need a headphone also.

2. Download The Application:-

In order to enjoy video calls on Skype, you will first need to download its application, install it and then sign in into the account. If you don’t have a Skype user account, you will need to make one. Just follow the instructions and you will be sorted.

3. Camera Crisis:-

It is but obvious that in order to video chat with someone, you need to have a camera on your device and it should work properly. You can check for the camera settings on your computer while going to the tools menu and in the case of android phones it is already rooted. If you are on a personal computer, you need to turn on your video camera in order to go for the video chat options.

4. After Signup:-

When you have signed up in your Skype account and switched on your web camera also, you will see contacts option. Click your contacts and check if somebody amongst them is online or not. For that purpose you will need to add friends first and then they will get displayed in your account. You can chat with someone only if he or she is online.

5. Finding A Friend:-

The moment when you find a friend, you are ready to go for a video call provided he or she is online that time, you just need to position the cursor of your mouse over the person’s name you wish to call and you will view an option that will be used to make video call displaying you a small camera icon.

6. Making A Call:-

Now when you know which option is to be used in order to make a call, you simply have to click it when your friend is online and your call will be made. You will hear a phone ringing tone when the call would be made and you will hear your friend’s voice when he or she picks it up, you will be able to watch him or her live as well and this way you can make calls with others also.


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