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How to Get Prepaid Visa Card in 5 Easy Steps

How to Get Prepaid Visa Card in 5 Easy Steps


Prepaid VISA card is a card that is issued from the bank’s side when you need some card to get emergency transactions made. After getting this card, the amount that you have got added or deposited in your bank account can be withdrawn from any dedicated VISA enabled outlet by swiping the card and making the transactions. The money gets deducted from your bank account and the purchase gets made. You can even make payments as well as money withdrawals using a visa card and even there are some shopping sites that give you special discount offers if you use VISA card for making purchases. In order to get a VISA card, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Get Prepaid Visa Card in 5 Easy Steps

How to Get Prepaid Visa Card

1. Enquire For the Plans Available With Various Banks:-

When you are trying to procure a VISA card, you should first of all enquire all the available plans that are available with various banks as different banks may provide you with different schemes and some banks may give you the pre-activated VISA card while some others may ask you some time for the VISA card verification and code to receive and then the card gets activated.

2. Reach the Bank and Enquire the Terms and Conditions:-

After you have enquired the plans available with various banks, you would have to make conclusion with one single name and you will have to reach that bank afterwards so as to enquire the terms and conditions that the bank has offered or compelled you to be stick with.

3. Get the Account Opened:-

If the terms and conditions prove to be satisfactory, you may choose to get an account opened in that bank and for this purpose you will need a guarantor or two to make signature on your bank account form to get it opened and once you make all the formalities and deposit an initial sum in the bank, the account will get opened and you would be handled with a passbook.

4. Ask For the VISA Card and Other Options:-

After procuring the passbook, you may fill a form for the ATM card to be issued and filling the form for it, you would be either provided with a pre activated ATM card or it would be sent to you by post taking which you will have to reach the bank and then the bank would give you a letter containing the ATM password code that you may change entering any of the dedicated ATM booths for that bank.

5. Make the Formalities:-

Now after all the formalities get completed, you can procure the VISA card and deposit any sum of amount in it.  The same card can be bought in use for making any sort of transactions with any internet based website for making shopping or online payments and to deposit the money, you can reach the nearest bank branch. The deductions or deposits that are made to the sum for charges of your transactions can be then registered with the passbook that the bank handed you with.


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