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How to Get More Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


In today’s world where everybody is getting social and hands are raising up for the internet neutrality, It is but obvious for people to seek ways to increase their followers. Basically to feel special and get a celebrity like feel, You can make yourself get popular on social networking sites by increasing the number of your followers that give you countless likes and follow everything that you post. Suppose you give a post and you get 5000 likes in just half an hour, you will really feel like you are a celebrity and the whole world is after you. This can only be achieved by bringing about an increase in the number of your followers and the ways to achieve it are explained by us in the further points.

How to Get More Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

1. Getting Followed On Facebook:-

The social networking website Facebook nowadays, Is offering following option to its users. If you think somebody to influence you, you can simply reach the profile and click on the follow button. You will start getting updates from that person even if he or she is not present in your friend list. If you need followers of your own, You can switch on this feature with your profile and thus the people who get influenced with your updates will start following you. The thing that you need to do is to just stay active, Post updates that attract the attention of the other users, tag friends in your post and that’s it, the number of your followers will keep on increasing with each day.

2. Getting Followers On Tumblr:-

Tumblr, that is a micro blogging and social networking platform can even get you more followers for yourself, what you need to do is to just to stay active on it, use it regularly, post the blogs and like other people’s stuff so that they even try out to watch the stuff that you have posted on your profile.

You can even choose to re blog the posts and get followers for yourself or even choose to follow others so that they follow you back. The best method is to keep your posts genuinely interesting, so as to attract multiple users to your posts and accounts.

3. Getting Followed On Instagram:-

Instagram Which is an online mobile photo sharing and video sharing social networking service that enables the users to take pictures and videos through it can be used to take pictures and videos and share them with your friends. Even it can help you get some followers as well. You simply need to add your pictures after editing them on this application and then the more they like your pictures, the more you will get followed. The main aim should be on keeping your photography be more attractive and you will start getting followed by others.

4. Getting Followed On Twitter:-

Twitter, which can be understood as a social networking web site that allows you to make tweet and send short character messages ranging up to 140 words. The users registered with twitter can read and post up the tweets and you can like the tweets that you like. Simply use the application regularly, comment on other people’s posts, like them and post your own tweets that look really knowledge full or attractive to people and the followers will keep on increasing this way.

5. Playing with The Privacy:-

You need to know how to play with your profile’s privacy in order to get more followers. Simply switch to a privacy that makes your post be seen to other people, but they become able to see and like it only. Hide the commenting option using privacy features if you feel it is getting vulgar. You can switch on or off the following option whenever you want on Facebook but if the case is of some other application or website, You should know when to block such people who follow you with an intention to interfere your private life. Rest is nothing but to stay gentle and polite with people.


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