How to Get Free Mobile Recharge

How to Get Free Mobile Recharge


In today’s world, mobile handsets have become common with every hand. From a child to an adult and from a father to a grandfather, these mobile handsets can be seen with every person but with multiple applications seeking to cut all of your mobile balance, there comes a great need to look for an option to get your mobile recharged easily and thus in this article we have bought for you some ways to get your mobile recharge free of cost, some of which can be explained as follows:-

How to Get Free Mobile Recharge

How to Get Free Mobile Recharge

1. Mcent :-

Mcent account can be created by logging on the website as well as by downloading the application from the android market and configuring their account with their mobile number. You just have to try out the applications from this application downloading which you are sure to get money credits that can be later on redeemed for a mobile recharge. Not just for trying the apps out, but this application helps you earn talk time for each referral also.

2. Earn Talktime :-

This one allows you to earn talk time by doing the tasks mentioned in the application over internet or simply by referring the application to the friends. People can earn talk time for their cell phone by following the instructions which can later be redeemed for a recharge.

3. :-

This one is basically an SMS sending website. The user can find it online by entering and creating the account after configuring it with their mobile number. Those who refer the scheme to the others can even get talk time for each referral, the user gets points for each and every message he or she sends through this web site or the user can even play fun quiz games and answer the questions to earn credits. These credits can later on be redeemed for a recharge.

4. Amulyam :-

This one was the first one to come up with the free recharge scheme and the job of the user is just to view the aids and he or she gets credits for each aid-viewing. The user gets credits even for referring the scheme later on which can be redeemed for a recharge of your mobile.

5. Pocket Money :-

This one is a free recharge application that helps you get a recharge for every friend referral and you simply have to try applications after downloading them for which the application provides talk time credits to its users and those can be redeemed by the user to get the recharge for their SIM card made.

Not just these applications only, but there are various other applications like Cashbox etc also that help you get free recharge done by simple friend referral or applications try out schemes. If you are a Wechat or line application user, even applications like these keep on providing additional free talk time to their regular users for friend referrals and chatting using their application. Even some food and beverages companies also keep on issuing some schemes with their products for free recharge coupons under their wrappers.


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