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Women Health Care – How To Get An Abortion

How To Get An Abortion, Women


It is the best time of a women’s life when she becomes a mother. To bring a life in this world is the best deed one can ever do, but sometimes in some situations it becomes the need of hour to have abortion. Though to have an abortion is not permitted in some countries, so in this article we have tried every bit of us to explain what can be done in the case you want an abortion.

How To Get An Abortion

How To Get An Abortion

Ask Yourself, Are You Committing A Sin?

You are in this world because your mother took a responsibility to bring you in this world; she took the decision maturely as she did not want to commit a sin by killing an angel. Though we know, sometimes in some situations when either our partner is not cooperating with us to bring the life in this world or we are too small to have a baby.

But what’s the baby’s fault in that? You should go for an abortion only if you are not mature enough to have a baby or in case it may harm your health, else if you are grown enough to take your responsibility, you should not fear the rest of the world and give life to the angel growing in your womb as he or she will become only what you make him, the manners and etiquette you teach him will be learnt by him and he will live the way you want him or her to live. Think once more before going for an abortion.

Know If Abortions Are Legal In Your Country?

Some countries don’t permit any type of abortions and some don’t, just permit sex- selective abortions.
If you are going for a sex selective abortion, we tell you it is a sin, you have no right to that and you can be held by the law for trying to do that but if you are suffering from premature pregnancy or suffering the outcome of some serious mis happening with you, we advise you to take some good contraceptive pill like I-pill etc in order not to become a pre mature mother., if you are under 18 in age, and if your parents allow, you can go for an abortion operation but it is not permitted for all and if you find yourself entrapped and are facing the worse of life because of some guy who left you after doing all that shit, you can go for the abortion pills.

Abortion Pills And Their Usage:-

Abortion pills can be taken in order to go for an abortion after knowing the month you are dealing with. Pills can work till the 12th week of pregnancy if there is no procedure for safe abortion. Approximately 90% among all the cases taking abortion pills for abortion are found to be successful and the pills namely MIFEPRISTONE (AB. PILL OR RU486 OR MIFEGYN OR MIFEPREX) and MISOPROSTOL (CYTOTEC OR ARTHROTEC OR OXAPROST) can be taken in order to attain an abortion through pills.

At last we just advice you, it’s never too late to think once more before going for anything. Be safe and act maturely.


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