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How to Get a Close Shave

How to Get a Close Shave


Shaving is the process of trimming the hair that occurs in the body of an individual, including the facial and pubic places. It has been observed that when we go for trimming instead of having a close shave, a part of the left stem of your hair is left visible with the associated area and in some of the cases there may be a need felt for such a person to go for a close shave. The close shaving is an approach that includes an individual to go for shaving in a way that the razor blade is much closer to the skin giving you the clear skin with associated area. In case you need to go for the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Get a Close Shave

How to Get a Close Shave

1. Make Your Beard Wet:-

In order to go for a close shave, you will first of all need to make your beard wet and after it gets wet, it will get easily able to be trimmed as well. Simply go for making it wet and then apply some baby oil if you need so as to have an enhancing effect regarding the same. Now you are free to go for the application of shaving gel, keep your supplies ready.

2. Make Foam with the Shaving Gel:-

Now, after you have taken the shaving gel in your hands, take a portion out of it on your palm and rub it with your fingers on your beard that you need to shave. Now use a shaving brush with your beard in order to generate the foam and when the entire chin and the other area where the hair have grown on your face get covered with the foam, you may choose to begin the rest of shaving process.

3. Use the Razor Close To the Skin:-

Now fix the razor blade to the razor washing it up in some antiseptic liquid and then bring it close to the associated area of skin. Begin shaving gently from upside down direction and avoid making any sort of cuts with the skin. Do not force the razor blade against your skin as else it will meet bleeding.

4. Avoid Shaving Hazards:-

Some hazards are likely to occur even after the slightest care being taken from your side which is why we are advising you to keep a piece of alum along with yourself to go for the application of it the mean time you meet a cut causing bleeding as alum can instantly stop the bleeding and make the wound get healed in no time.

5. Apply the Shaving Foam Again:-

Now if one time shaving has been done, generate the foam again with  the associated area as like you did it before and then go for the shaving again with your razor. This will give you a clean shave and there won’t even be any stem of hair that is seen with your beard this way being a close kind of shave. You can repeat the procedure once more if there are still some traces of hair left with some area.


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