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How to Fully Awaken your Third Eye

How to Awaken Third Eye


Third eye means inner sight. When you get access to perception beyond ordinary sight, it is referred as the third sight or the third eye. It is basically a door to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Awakening the third eye means awakening this inner sight that gives you a kind of power to spirituality, enlightenment and mental images. In order to awaken your third eye, you just need to use all of your senses along with a touch of meditation. See how this can be done.

How to Fully Awaken your Third Eye

How to Fully Awaken your Third Eye

1. Imagination and Intuition:-

The more you imagine, the more it develops and the more your imagination develops, the easier it gets for you to have a third eye awakened. If you have an intuition along with imagination, it can easily enable you to awaken your inner realms and achieve the desired consciousness.

2. Concentration and Full Use of Senses:-

You should be a person of concentration in order to awaken the third eye. Actually, when you work with full concentration, you have an easy approach to think about the things happening around yourself and when you have an easier approach to such topics, you can easily keep the third eye awakened

3. Meditation and Brain Power:-

They say that even Einstein could not make full use of his brain power. Our brain works on such a system that it can make anything magical happen within a couple of seconds. If you perform meditation daily, it adds to the qualities that you worth and when you achieve the desired brain power and ability to take decisions, it seems that third eye got awakened in your case.

4. Visualization and Yoga:-

Be a man of visualization and yoga as it is a guaranteed key to success. The more you visualize the things, the easier it gets for you to concentrate and discuss the things with yourself. Adopting both these factors can also thus help you in awakening your third eye.

5. A Company of Divine Personalities:-

Try staying in a company of divine personalities like yogi’s guru’s and saints. These people have a direct connection with divine powers. If you wish to achieve a high level of divine thinking power and reasoning, you can stay in the company of such people to awaken your third eye. You should have time reserved for keeping quiet, sitting and thinking on topics of regular day to day schedule.

6. Dreaming And Thinking Power:-

You should also focus on your dreaming and thinking power. Dreaming power refers to the power of watching the dreams. The one who watched dreams has actually got the third eyes as dreams are never watched while keeping the eyes opened and instead it is just a part of our imagination like a kind of mirage. Besides this, you should develop your thinking power as the more it gets developed, the better you get in decision making and judging others with it. You should try developing guts besides this in yourself and as soon as you achieve all these traits in your personality, you will soon realize that there is a kind of third eye that has got awakened in yourself to help you out with enlightenment and conscious based issues.


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