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How to Forget Someone you Love and be Happy

How to Forget Someone You Love


It fills our hearts with an inexplicable sensation when we fall in love with someone. We start knitting dreams and start being happy, but sometimes in life either due to some adverse situations or due to the rejection faced, you have to try to forget that love of yours and thus in this article we are back with some tips that will help you to forget someone you have fallen in love with in a better way some of which are as follows:-

 How to Forget Someone You Love

How to Forget Someone you Love

1. Delete All The Texts And Mails:-

First of all, I will advice you to delete all the mails from him that you have in your smart phone or P.C, as whenever you will watch them, It will bring you memories and it is better to cry once than to keep on crying every time while watching them when you open your inbox. If you are connected on some social networking site, you can block him from there so that even his traces are away from your eyes.

2. Get Rid of All The Memories:-

You must have some videos, photographs, voice clips etc from your love right? Just delete or burn them off from everywhere they are kept or if your partner had gifted you something ever, just throw them in the garbage or simply burn them, get rid of all the memories associated with that person. It will help you forget him or her.

3. Get Indulged With New People:-

Start getting indulged with new people, make new friends, go for outings with them. Enjoy food with them and start feeling happy by sharing some happy time with them. Learn their way of living as it will help you change your way of living.

4. New Hobbies:-

Learn to do new things by changing your hobbies. Let it be music or games or social networking or books or the others like dancing, learning martial arts, etc. and every hobby can help you attain mental stability as when you get indulged in new things, you start forgetting old people.

5. Start Exploring New Places:-

Explore new places. Go for picnics, parties and have fun enjoying traveling at new places. When you keep on traveling at new places, enjoying the beauty of nature, you are likely to stay happy in a way that those who enjoy the beauty of nature remain even happier.

6. Brain Wash:-

Try to wash your brain by trying to forget things and change your mind. Try to distract your mind from the past and get indulged in new things. Learning new things can help you stay calm and can even help to make you happier.

7. Stay Busy:-

Make yourself busy with people. Learn to do new things. Try to help others, enjoy new interests, do new things, and learn something productive. Watch others and learn from them. You can really learn from the way other people live their lives. Add everything that you like about others in your life. Learn their way of living and forgiving others. Learn to make your boundaries and make your limits, tell yourself that you won’t ever let anybody befool you ever.


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