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How To Follow Dinner Table Manners

How To Follow Dinner Table Manners


Dinner Table is a place where the entire family sits together to have a dinner and thus it is a very important thing to learn how to behave while sitting together to have your dinner on dinner table. You just need to learn some table manners that help you enjoy your dinner in a sophisticated way that we have tried to explain in this article.

How To Follow Dinner Table Manners

How To Follow Dinner Table Manners

1. Comfortable Distance From Each Other :-

The first thing to remember while sitting together to dine on a dinner table is to arrange the chairs at an appropriate distance from each other. You need to maintain a proper gap and that too in a way that there is enough gap for everybody who sits there. You can even manage to have special seats for special members like the host or the eldest member of the family can sit on the very central seat and the couples can sit together. The children can get a place in between.

2. Cleanliness Approaches :-

Besides arranging for the proper utensils and cutlery, you need to maintain proper cleanliness also. The table should be sponge cleaned and there should be an arrangement for paper napkins or towel napkins also to avoid any case of dinner accidents.

3. Sitting Manners:-

While sitting together to have dinner on diner table with your family, The next thing that you need to know is how you need to sit on your table. You should keep your mouth closed and sit straight with your hands placed on your lap. In case you feel the table is much far off from you, don’t ever try to pull it all of a sudden, instead you can bring your chair closer.

4. When To Start Eating :-

You should firstly call everybody to start eating and wait till everybody reaches there. Wait till the others start dining. Remember to pass utensils and cutlery to all the members of the family first and then remember to serve the food to all. Don’t forget to pass eatables to the other members of the family when they need it. The caps of the casseroles should be immediately put back to cover them in order to avoid the food getting cold.

5. Manners While Eating :-

Take time to eat your food and remember to chew it thoroughly. Chewing your food properly you are giving it power to be digested properly. You should not try to talk with the others while eating. Remember to keep your mouth close and chew your food. You should be polite while asking others to pass the items to your side. Don’t do anything in a hurry, learn the art of patience.

6. Don’t Make A Hustle :-

Sometimes mistakes happen while eating or passing the things. If the person passing out the things commits some mistake and some food item gets thrown on you mistakenly or some utensil gets broken by mistake, you should not burst on him. Getting angry won’t get that back to normal. Just go to the wash basin and wash your shirt or if some utensil has broken, take a broom and remove all the remains of that utensil and dispose it carefully.


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