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How to Fix Puncture in Tubeless Tyre

How to Fix Puncture in Tubeless Tyre


With the vehicles around us going tubeless and the mechanics seeking to empty our pockets with heavy bills, there comes a need to learn minor things that you can deal yourself and a tubeless puncture comes amongst such things only. Suppose you are going through some isolated place where it is not easy to find a mechanic and you can’t even find some means of traveling, you can become the mechanic yourself if you know the technique and that is why in this article we have explained every bit of this process for you to learn.

How to Fix Puncture in Tubeless Tyre

How to Fix Puncture in Tubeless Tyre

1. Things To Keep In Your Puncture Kit:-

First of all, you should know the things that you will need to repair the puncture. You will need a jack, a pliers, a smothering tool, puncture repairing strips, inserting tool, knife or a blade an inflator and some bids to fix with the jack. You may even keep some support in your car’s trunk in order to have a support for your jack for places with ups and downs.

2. Looking Up For An External Agent:-

Whenever you meet a puncture, the first thing that you will have to do is to look for the puncture site and look for any external agent that resulted in it. There may be some wire or iron nail stuck deep in your tire because of what the puncture has been caused and you can then remove that with the help of a pliers. If you have found one iron nails does not means you are sorted, there may be some other external agents in your tire also, remember to pluck them off all.

3. Lifting Up The Tire:-

In case you don’t find the external agent and still the tire does not has any air left inside it, you can manage to lift your car up with the help of the jack and then you just need to fill some air again with the help of an inflator and then you just need to sprinkle some water on the tire. If there is some puncture, you will surely see some bubbles bubbling up from it and if there is no bubbling, you can assume there is no puncture.

4. Inserting The Puncture Repairing Strip:-

if you have found any external agent in the tire, it means you will have to go for a puncture repair and for that you will need puncture repairing strips. After ejecting any external agent with the help of a pliers, the next thing that you need to do is to take a puncture repairing strip and dip it in some good adhesive and then fix it up in the puncture hole with the help of the inserting tool. Now when you have inserted the strip, you just need to cut off the part that remains out of the tire and you can inflate the air again and sprinkle some water again to check if there is still some leakage of air from the tire or not and if there is no leakage, your vehicle is ready to complete the journey.


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