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How to Fix Drywall

How to Fix Drywall


You must have often seen the damage caused to walls with time? The walls get damaged by the wear and tear caused with time that takes in form of holes that may range in shape and size. This problem is common with wallboards, pinholes in the walls and the wear and tear caused due to the drilling as well as other such approaches that damage your walls. Drywalls may look severely devastating, sometimes and thus there comes a need to fix them. You may choose to go for multiple approaches so as to do that, some of which have been explained by us in this article.

How to Fix Drywall

How to Fix Drywall

1. Clear Up The Hole:-

In order to fix drywall, first of all you will need to clear up the holes in it. Simply take a broom and clean up these holes and remove all sort of debris accumulated in them. If not a broom, you may even choose to use some old paint brush so as to do that.

2. Consider Preparing For The Fixing Process:-

Now, after clearing these holes, you will need to clean up all the paint or wallpaper or any other stuff that you have applied to the surrounding region so as to let the fixing material be able to set properly on the wall. If you do not complete this step, it might still look ok to you but the fixed up drywall will soon get out of order if you skip this step and thus you are advised to complete it as well.

3. Sand Paper Rubbing:-

Rub the drywall with a dry sand paper in such a way that the wall gets rid of every applied agent on it. Sandpaper is a harsh paper that you will find available on every paint dealer’s shop. Simply ask a paint dealer for it and then tear it off in some portions so as to make use of it.

4. Use Wall Putty:-

Besides sand paper, you are also advised to bring some excellent quality wall putty for your drywall as well. Simply read the instructions and make the putty mixture. Make use of some iron plate so as to fill up this wall putty in the holes and get them repaired in an easy way. Apply this putty on almost every surface, including the corners as well as the other areas.

5. Make the Surface Flat:-

Keep a horizontal piece of flat wood with you so as to make this wall putty go flat after applying. Simply keep this wood parallel to the wall surface and then move it on the surface gently so as to make the putty get filled in holes besides keeping them flat as well.

6. Paint It Up:-

After the holes get filled up with the putty and the rest of wall is also applied with the rest of putty mixture, it will require some time for the putty to get fixed on the wall and it might take a month or so to get the putty completely fixed with drywall. After you are confirmed that the putty has been perfectly set and has got dried completely, you may choose to paint up the wall again.


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