How to Fix a Wet Phone


It has often been observed that the people who use phones meet the problem of their phones getting wet either because of rain  that is unexpected most of the time or either because of some unexpected exposure to water that makes their phone get wet and as the water entering a phone can spoil its functioning, you always need to be careful about the way you would employ to get it back to life once again as a slight unfortunate happening may spoil its entire functioning and in order to go for the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Fix a Wet Phone)

How to Fix a Wet Phone

How to Fix a Wet Phone

1. Gather the Essentials:-

In order to fix the wet phone, first of all you will need to gather all your tools as well as the supply of all other essentials that you might need during this approach. Simply bring all the things together and then open up the back cover of your phone unscrewing the screws from its back side. (How to Fix a Wet Phone)

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2. Switch on the Hair Dryer:

Now remove the phone’s body taking the screws out and switch on the hair dryer blowing hot air on the inner part of the phone. The patch over the display may get burnt because of the excessive hot air and thus we advise you to keep the level of hot air be spared from reaching this area. Simply wipe off the inner area with cotton balls using hair dryer blowing air on it and the phone will have all the water entered in it get dried with this approach.

3. Use Petrol as A Cleaning Agent:-

In case you find some dirt or other such unwanted stuff, you may choose to clean it up sprinkling some petrol drops cleaning it off with the cotton balls taking care of everything. Now each and everything needs to be cleaned in a proper way and remember the joints that you detach while cleaning process is going on. (How to Fix a Wet Phone)

4. Clean The Inside Portion Blowing The Air:-

Clean the entire circuit with the help of cotton ball blowing hot air over it and if possible put all these components under the sun for some time. There should be a great care taken in case you remove the display as a slight fall can make it get cracked if a proper care is not taken.

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5. Pack the Body Again:-

After the inner components get dried up in a perfect way, you may choose to pack back the body again with all components positioned back in it. Now after the phone has been assembled, screw back the crews with the help of screw driver and then replace the battery. (How to Fix a Wet Phone)

6. Put it under the Sun for Some Time:-

Try switching on the phone and if it gets switched on, the phone has become perfect or if it gives a slight blurred image, you may choose to keep it under the sun for some more time as there may be some moisture left behind.


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