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How to Fix a TV in 5 Easy Steps

How to Fix a TV


A television or a T.V is a means of entertainment. Some people call it an idiot box, but this idiot box can really make you smart by the news updates and informative stuff that is displayed on the channels that it can tune to. Sometimes people have been found meeting some flaws related to this device and thus they seek for the approaches that can help them fix up their T.V. Next time, when you meet any flaw related to your television set, you may choose to go for the approaches that I am mentioning here.

How to Fix a TV in 5 Easy Steps - HowFlux

How to Fix a TV in 5 Easy Steps

1. Problems Related With The Power Supply And Audio Quality:-

If there is some problem with the power supply of the television set, suppose the power plug is broken, you may choose to replace it with a new one. If the Speakers are damaged, you may choose to connect the external speakers with the Audio port that every television has got either in the front panel or the back panel of it. The external speakers will give you an audio for sure.

2. Problems Related With The Channels:-

If the T.V is not broken and the channels are getting changed but there is no picture displayed on screen, you may choose to switch channels so as to check if the problem is with cable connection or the T.V itself. You may choose to go for a manual search or auto search of channels so as to check it and if still there is no picture displayed, you may choose to connect an external C.D player with T.V if the C.D gets played, the T.V is Ok and instead the problem is with your cable connection. Simply check out the wiring and you will get sorted.

3. Curing Up The Broken Glass:-

This one happens the most with LED and LCD screen monitors that the screen starts malfunctioning sometimes. Well the screen can be changed and you need not worry about it. Simply remove the screen from wall and then get the screen plate replaced with a new one. Your television will start working this way. If there is a minor crack, you may choose to go for the buffering approaches as well.

4. Dealing with The Blocked Channels:-

Sometimes it is that somebody has touched the television remote without your permission and preferably it happens most often in the cases of children that they press all the buttons together to play with a remote and this causes some menu options related trouble. Sometimes the child puts the T.V set on child mode or sometimes the channels get blocked because he tried to go for an auto store and electricity went off in middle blocking the rest of channels. Check the menu options so as to confirm that and go for the desired menu based changes.

5. Problems With The Picture Tube:-

If the case is of picture tube malfunctioning, you may choose to go for purchasing some dead set or old set of television or old C.R.T monitor from some website like OLX etc. so as to take the picture tube out from it and fix it up in your television to make it function again. If the problem is with the capacitors, Integrated circuit or some other board related problem, that can be rectified calling a mechanic.


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