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How to Fix a Phone with Water Damage

Fix a Phone with Water Damage


Though there are several models of dirt and water resistant models available in markets these days but After all, even the phone is an electronic device that is likely to be spoiled after coming in contact with water and the devices that are made with specific dirt and water resistant technology in them also come with some limitations and it is clearly written in the instruction manual that these devices can bear resistance to water only up to a specific limit of time of exposure and thus approximately all the mobile devices are likely to be spoiled if come in contact with water. If this is so in your case as well, you can choose to so for the simple to follow tips.

How to Fix a Phone with Water Damage (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Fix a Phone with Water Damage

1. Unscrew the Phone:-

You will need a professional mobile screw driver for this purpose as the ordinary screw drivers cannot afford to enter the tiny mobile based holes and even can’t deal with the mobile screws as well. The professional mobile gadget screw driver is of an appropriate thickness and has got magnetic properties in it so as to keep the screw stick to it and not let it get lost like this.

2. Use Hair Dryer So As To dry Up the Phone:-

After the phone has been unscrewed, make use of a hair dryer so as to remove the water from phone making use of dry cotton ball wherever necessary. You can make use of petrol wherever necessary so as to clear up the dirt as well.

3. Clearly Clean the Water in Button Area and Under Display:-

Lift up the display as well as the keypad and check if there is excess water. Blow air with hair dryer in a gentle way, but keep in mind that the air should not be excessive hot as it might damage the display as well. Blow off the entire gadget with the help of air blower and make every drop of water dry out this way.

4. Fix up the Body Again and Pack the Phone:-

After you have made the use of air blower so as to make the phone get dry from inside, you are advised to pack the ph0one again and screw up the screws as well. Try to switch on the phone; it is preferably likely to start operating this way.

5. Put It Up In the Open under Sun:-

Don’t forget to keep the phone under sun for a while so as to let the battery dry up with the sun rays and also to make dry any drop of water if left in that mobile set. The exposure to sun will remove every sort of water droplet from the mobile handset and then you can go for the further approaches.

6. Switch It On:-

Switch the phone afterwards, If there is an issue with the phone, try out operating the phone with some other charged battery and it will start functioning or if the phone is still not functioning well, you may even choose to go for getting it checked at some service station and go for the desired repair of it.


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