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How to Fix a Tire That Keeps Going Flat

How to Fix a Flat Tire


A flat tire means the punctured tire. When unfortunately, while driving, the car surpasses something which is pointed enough to rip your tire, the tire gets flat and you can’t even take the risk to drive further as it may damage the tire. It is always advised to have a spare stepney reserved for this purpose to change it with the flat tire whenever you meet the driving Hazard making your tire flat and in case you have met this condition, simply follow the way that we are mentioning here to overcome such situation.

How to Fix a Flat Tire

How to Fix a Flat Tire

1. Go for the Jack, Positioning:-

First of all, find a flat surface to park the car. Now take out the car jack and fix it up under the car. Lift the car upside with the help of jack rotating the jack handle and uplifting the car to a safe distance. Position two-three bricks under the car so as to maintain the safety measures.

2. Look If There Is A Stepney Available:-

Now when the car jack has been positioned, you simply need to look if there is a stepney in the back of your car or not? If there is a stepney available, simply unscrew the car tire and then replace it with the stepney or else look for the tire repair kit and take out the tire fixings from it along with the dedicated tools for this purpose.

3. Find the Fixing Kit:-

Now when you have found the fixing kit, there will be multiple tools in it, one of these tools will be a tire inflator and the others will include the pliers, the puncture repair strips etc. Take all these stuff out and inflate air in the tire that has got flat. Sprinkle some water on this tire and watch out from where the bubbles are seen. This is the place that you need to fix. Take out any external agent if found ripping it and then go for the further approaches.

4. Go for the Tire Repair:-

Now we will fix up the repair strip on the tire tube or in case it is a tube less tire, you will need to implant the tire repair strip by positioning it in the tire with the help of pliers and the strip positioning tool. Now when the puncture has been repaired, inflate the air again and try sprinkling some water again. If there are no bubbles seen, it means the tire has been fixed.

5. Get the Jack Un-positioned:-

Now when your purpose is fulfilled, simply remove the bricks back and fix up the nuts and bolts at their respective positions. Reverse handle the jack and unscrew it to remove it back.  Place back the equipment at their respective places and if you have changed the tire with stepney, simply keep it at the back to get it repaired when you get time. Now what’s left it just to have drive and that too safely avoiding any further disturbances like this.


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