How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen


Laptop is a kind of battery operated computing machine that consists of a screen attached to the keypad which can be used for various purposes, including the office usage as well as home based usage like movie and picture viewing, song listening, internet surfing, video calling and conferencing etc. This gadget is easily accommodable in the area of your lap and this is why this gadget is named as a laptop. Sometimes the screen gets cracked due to some reason or the other and thus it creates a big problem for the user and thus we have bought some tips for you to rectify it in a better way.

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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

1. Physical Examination of The Crack:-

First of all, you will need to check the extent of crack on your laptop. Physically examine your laptop so as to check where exactly the cracks are and if the cracks are to the uppermost right or uppermost left or down most right or down most left, or even if it is at corners you still can make your laptop look presentable. Simply set your laptop screen resolution to a lower one beyond the level of crack and miniaturize your screen display in such a way that the displayed picture of screen now comes below the cracked portion. Simply apply black tape on the cracked portion and use the miniature version of your laptop that has got the crack hidden but full screen content visible.

2. For Small Cracks At Corners Or The End Linings:-

Besides going for the tape and resolution based approach, you may also choose to get the portion laminated or buffered if the crack is slight in size and the laptop screen content is still visible. You may even choose to get checked if the screen has cracked or the screen coating has got cracked and do likewise repair of it.

3. Attach A Physical Monitor:-

If the screen has got much cracked, you may also choose to take some monitor or screen so as to attach the Laptop with it and get the monitor used instead of the cracked screen so as to work with laptop. Your laptop will be connected via cables with laptop in such a way like you do with that of your C.P.U in case of computer or while you connect your laptop with a television.

4. Get the Screen Changed With a New One:-

If the screen has got completely broken and there is no hope for rectification of it, you may choose to get another screen replaced with this one getting the laptop to some service center. Though they will charge you for that, but the laptop will get as good as new once again.


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