How to Fire an Employee

How to Fire an Employee


Recently, after an audit, one of my friends who runs a textile and clothes manufacturing industry found that one of the employees working in his company was betraying the company eating up the capital like termite does to a wooden table. After finding this in the audit, he tried to fire off that employee, but again the labor department and N.G.O’s became a headache for him and this can happen with you as well. In case you also have got an employee that has become the needle in your eyes, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Fire an Employee

How to Fire an Employee

1. Get the Audit Made:-

In order to fire up an employee, the first and foremost thing that can be done is to get an audit made. Now this audit will make you come across the flaws and frauds in the company that have lead to the loss of economic capital and have made a loss to the company. Now, after the frauds get determined, the concerned departments can be put on a duty to find the fraudulent suspects.

2. Engage a Team to Find Proofs:-

A dedicated team can be engaged so as to find the elements that are suspected to be underlying with the fraud that your company is undergoing. Simply get the proofs found and prepare a fraud file enlisting all the frauds done to the company by the employees.

3. Have an Open Discussion:-

Now, after the proofs get found, call the suspects to explain all what had been done by them. Even a small fraud should not be neglected as it may soon turn to a big fraud from employees in future, though you may make a punishment big or small, depending on the fraud and that may include snatching of job or the deduction of salary or funds etc.

4. Go by the Law Related Procedures:-

Get a letter of declaration prepared and get it signed by the suspects who accept their fraud committed. In this letter you are required to mention every single detail of the fraud that the suspect will put his signatures upon.

5. Procure a Copy of Fraud with yourself:-

You can even choose to procure a copy of this fraud letter with yourself and if the fraud is beyond apology, you may choose to go by the law making the fraud creator be bought behind the bars. In some other cases, the decisions can be taken watching the extent of loss to the company taking decision with the guidance of some professional lawyer.

6. Get the Final Payment made:-

In case you wish to do nothing but to fire the employee, you may choose to go for making a final payment to the employee and then get a firing letter made for the same. Fire off the employee after getting a letter of indulgence signed from his side so that it may be produced by your side in case he goes by the labor court. Rest a guidance advice from a good lawyer of your knowledge is a must.


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