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How to File ITR Online Step by Step

How to File ITR Online


ITR or Income Tax Return refers to the return of income tax that a person pays to the income tax department. In order to avail this, you need to make an electronic kind of stepping that is done online using the official website of the income tax department. It is better to file an ITR within time as after the desired span, you might meet some complications and in case you need to know how to file it online, you may go for the procedure that we are mentioning here.

How to File ITR Online

How to File ITR Online

1. Open up the Income Tax Website:-

In order to file an ITR online, first of all you will need to open up the income tax website, which is and then after it gets opened up, you can go for the further approaches. In case the site loads slowly, try switching browser.

2. Keep Your Bank Statements and Tax Credit Statement under Observance:-

Keep your bank statement sand tax credit statement ready to be observed before filing an ITR, so that you may be able to fill it in a flawless way. The Form 16 issued by your employer and a copy of last year’s return should also be observed first and then the approach can be considered.

3. Register Yourself:-

After you have got the income tax website opened within your browser, you will be required to Enter your pan number as the user id while registering yourself with it. The further personal details should be same as you provide while making any of tax related executions.

4. View the Tax Credit Statement:-

After you get registered with the income tax website, the credit statement can be viewed and the other such details can be viewed. There would be an information field that can be read in case you have got any queries about that.

5. Choose the Desired Year and Download the Return Form:-

Now there you would find an option to download the income tax return form after you choose the year desired for this purpose. The form should be put over downloading mode and after it gets downloaded, simply open it and fill the details in it.

6. Fill the Form with Details and submit it:-

The details like your PAN number, the bank statement and other such information about you would be what you need to fetch this form with. After this form gets duly filled, you can click the “Submit” option and after the form gets submitted, your Income Tax Return would get filed.


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