How to Fight With Someone

How to Fight With Someone


In some of the cases it has been seen that it gets essential to fight with someone as the person is simply a part of naught for us and keeps on irritating us much often. Such people are always a sort of problem for us and thus there is a need to seek for ways that can make us have this fight and sometimes even some people are also making us troubled just to make a fun of us and thus in order to have a clash with such a person, we may follow the ways that we are mentioning here.

How to Fight With Someone

How to Fight With Someone

1. First of All Sit Quiet and Relax:-

First of all, sit quietly at a serene place and think if it is necessary to have a fight. Relax and think over the matter. Have the person’s image in your eyes and about the matter that irritates you. If you think that fight is the only solution, let us make a plan now to overcome your situation. We would make you have a reason to fight with this person and this can be done once he gives you a chance over something to burst on him for reason.

2. Think If You Are Going Right:-

Have thought at least twice if all that you are going to do is right or not.  Simply think if you can forgive that person or if the extent of your hate for him or her is liable to be forgiven. Simply make your mind to say nothing till he does it for the next time giving a chance and if this happens next as well, you may go for a revenge.

3. Finalize Your Decision:-

Finalize your decision with a plan. Something that makes that person either feel jealous of you or get angry so that he or she may start abusing you in front of public and once he or she abuses you in public or starts fighting with you, you have got every chance to fight back in order to go for self-defense.

4. Get an Opportunity:-

The opportunity always awaits a chance. Have a debate over some topic that makes that person feel quite devastated with you and it is sure that he or she would try again to have a clash with you. When this happens, simply burst out in a fight making that person turn to a slapped fellow.

5. Have a Reason:-

Always have a reason for fight to be explained when asked. It is always foolish to fight for no reason and thus you should have it first of all. Next, you should try to show that you were trying your best to ignore, but that person was so ridiculous towards you that despite of your every trial to stay calm and patient, you had to fight in order to save your skin.

6. Meet a Clash:-

Once fought, never leave any chance for your enemy to speak. Let it be a fight of words or a fight of kicks, both the fights have equal meaning and thus should be fought with equal bravery. The enemy should not be left with any chance to explain what had actually happened amongst you both and instead it is better if he himself is puzzled about what happened to him.


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