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How to Enjoy the Rain in Rainy Season

How to Enjoy the Rain


Rain is a shower of water drops from the sky. This happens because of the process of evaporation that makes water get converted into vapors that get taken to the sky along with the air that gets rises up. Now these water drops get accumulated together at one place to form larger water droplets and when the water droplets get heavy, they form rain drops which fall from the sky because of their heavy size. Rains are always considered to be romantic as well as enjoyable. If you also wish to enjoy rain, here are some perfect ways to enjoy every bit of it.

How to Enjoy the Rain in Rainy Season

How to Enjoy the Rain in Rainy Season

1. Enjoy It Like A Child:-

“Pitter Patter Rain Drops, Falling From So High,
Falling From The Tree Tops, Falling From The Sky”.

I was watching my four year old daughter reciting this poem on roof top when we were standing together watching the rain clouds. Just then the rain started and my daughter expanded her hands to feel the rain drops. She smiled after the first shower of rain fell on her and spoke,” Look, papa, the rain has come”. The first pearl like drops of rain on her head were looking like the dew drops on the petals of a lily. True, the best way to enjoy rains is to enjoy it like a child.

2. Enjoy it like a lover:-

If you have ever fallen in love, you will perfectly know how the rain can be perfectly enjoyed. Simply let yourself exposed to every drop of it. Stretch your arms and feel the touch of drops. Let the drops fall on your face and make you immortal with the fresh feel and let yourself get clad in rain completely. If your partner is there with you, held her tightly in your arms and find a new way to show your love for her. Love is best expressed in rains and thus you should not leave this chance as well. Splash her chin with few collected rain drops. Let yourself enjoy a quality time with her. The best enjoyment of rain is in spending quality time with your loved ones.

3. Enjoy it like a Fountain or a Water Fall:-

When you are under a fountain or a waterfall, you simply dance like anything. You splash up the water under your feet by jumping again and again over it. Rains make you feel like a child again. Never lose this opportunity of feeling like a child again.

4. Feel the Moment Getting Out Of A Gentlemen’s Look:-

If you are a settled job worker coming back from office in your car with a formal dress outfit and you come across some kids playing in the rain, simply take off your coat, park the car, remove your neck tie and enjoy the rain-game along with those kids.

You will really get relieved and soon you will no longer be possessed by stress and a feeling of relief will be seen. There is no special way to enjoy the rain, all the ways include a person to expose himself to every bit of it and to enjoy every moment till the rain stops.


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