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How to Enjoy Life Alone Without Friends and Family

How to Enjoy Life Alone


Life is a lake of thorns and life is a pleasant garden to keep roaming in. Life is a desire that is sometimes unfulfilled and sometimes it is just a misery, but after all it is life and you have to lead and live it after all and thus you need to travel without fear through this garden of life. In some of the cases, the situation makes you feel like living alone and in such circumstances, you prefer not to stay along with someone and in such cases there is a need to adopt a friendly approach and enjoy living it for which you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Enjoy Life Alone Without Friends and Family

How to Enjoy Life Alone Without Friends and Family

1. Get Conservative:-

The best way to lead a conservative life is to get conservative and have a reserved approach to it. Simply stay limited to your room and make it your place of pleasure. The more you stay confined to your room, the better you would learn how to live alone.

2. Live Alone, but Not Isolated:-

Where I say you are to live alone, I don’t mean you to get isolated and get closed in a room, but there should be enough ventilation for air to pass in and even the other members of the family also should not be ignored at all. Simply have a friendly approach towards all but don’t get too much involved with others.

3. Enjoy With People That You Don’t Know:-

Another way to start enjoying life alone is to enjoy with the people out of your knowledge as the people you know may make life complicated sometimes and hence it is better to have a company of new people every time who is not along with you but one from the public. You may also try out getting indulged with some hobby like knitting or arts or canvas painting etc in order to enjoy life alone.

4. Solitude Be Made Your Friend:-

One of my mentalist friend says,” It is better to have total solitude in your surroundings if you wish to learn how to live alone” and thus you should try living in solitude sometimes as well. Above all, do not make yourself dependent on others and have self respect for yourself.

5. Have Some Preparations Made:-

You may find it difficult for you sometimes to live alone and for this purpose, we advise you to have some magazines, comic books and novels be kept inside your room for a better company of no one but the imaginary characters depicted and described in these books. Books appear to be a man’s best friend when this world does not mean anything to him.

6. Videos And Video Games:-

When you don’t have anything to entertain you in solitude, the video games and videos can also make you some help in trying to live alone. Simply have some new movie videos been kept available with yourself to watch in spare time and you would get sorted.


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