How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature Step By Step

How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature


Recently, Whatsapp has made its voice calling feature available for all of its customers and people are very much excited about it. So in this post we are up with all the information about the new free calling feature of whatsapp and how to get it available with your version in your device.

How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature

How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature

Introduction To Whatsapp’s New Calling Feature :-

Whatsapp uses the VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol feature to make calls over internet and uses both the ways including mobile internet as well as Wi-Fi to operate this feature. Whatsapp calling feature is totally free of cost till yet and charges only about 0.15mb to 0.20 MB on 3G data plan and 0.35MB on a 3G data network. The voice calling feature was earlier available with the other applications like hike or VIBER or SKYPE or line or FACEBOOK or WECHAT but not WHATSAPP. The new voice calling feature has made the users of whatsapp to increase and so is the case with the competition for the betterment of applications in the tech markets and this feature is likely to increase the customers of whatsapp in future. Whatsapp had about 700 million active users in January 2015.

Basic Requirements :-

To make voice calling feature connected with your device, you just need to update your whatsapp application to version 2.12.19 or above from play store or the official website of the application. Now when you have downloaded it, just enable the unknown sources enabled in your device’s security settings and when you have updated it, you are likely to get the new voice calling feature in your application after some time and if you still are not getting it, you can ask one of your friends who already is connected to this service to make a whatsapp call on your device and when you click on the call back option, you get the voice calling feature on your application after refreshing it.

Appearance After Downloading :-

Now when you have got this feature in your device, you will get three options in your whatsapp menu, one will be of calls; other will be of chats and third will be of contacts.

The “calls” menu will open your call log and will show the contacts that made a call on your device or the people whom you called from your device. The second menu option “chats” will show your recent conversations with your friends and third option “contacts” will show you all of your whatsapp contacts.

Betterment In Features :-

With every contact, an option to make a call has been given which proves to save enough of your time plus for those people who forget things easily, earlier when you tried to make a call going on your friend’s whatsapp profile, the call used to be made by your SIM card network provider but now the calls are made through whatsapp. To make a regular call you have to go to the contacts menu of your phone plus when you go to the “contacts” part of the whatsapp mainframe, you get an option to tap and save your contacts directly. The privacy options are the same but one option more too clear call logs has been added in the submenu which is also an excellent feature of it. With the whatsapp calling feature added, this application becomes a must for all.


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