How to Download Youtube Videos Free

How to Download Youtube Videos Free


Youtube is a hub of videos. It is an awesome place to watch videos and enjoy them. You can find videos of almost every type on you tube including college functions, movies, jokes and much more. People spend most of their time buffering videos on this website and trying to download stuff from these websites. In this article we are up with some tips to download these videos in a better way that does not makes us suffer the side effects of buffering and save the data within our device by following some simple steps some of which are provided here.

How to Download Youtube Videos Free

How to Download Youtube Videos

There are some websites that can help you download videos from YouTube some of which I have mentioned:-

1. :-

This is a website that helps you download the videos from Youtube in a better way. You just need to copy and paste the link from youtube to this website and click on the convert button. It will convert the Youtube video in a downloadable form and you will be able to save the video in your device.

2. :-

This one follows the same procedure as the ones I mentioned in the first point. You just need to cut, paste the link from Youtube to the field provided with this Website and it will make the video ready to download for you. There are multiple options provided with the website that help you to reduce or increase the quality of the video and to choose the output format you want.

3. :-

This one is what I personally like and use. In this website, you don’t have to go to the you tube separately in order to look for the video, but there is a search field provided at the top. You just need to search for the song as you do with Youtube and multiple choices with that song will appear. You can choose the song and convert it in a video or audio, whatever you prefer and then you will automatically get directed to the download.

4. :-

The function of this website is the same to convert videos with links copied and pasted from you tube. It may appear to be a better alternative in a way that the sound quality associated with the video is the best one can get.

5. :-

The website provides the conversion of a Youtube video to be converted in both the mp3 and mp4. The conversion is fast and comes with quality.

There are some applications also that help you to download Youtube videos and save them with your device and these are as follows:-

1 .Internet Download Manager :-

This one is the basic download manager that everybody prefers to use for downloads. Those who have internet download manager installed in their device get an option to download the video with every video they play. You can thus play videos online and you get an option to save them side by side.

2. Orbit downloader :-

This one is software that you can download in your computer to convert Youtube videos in a simple way. You just have to copy paste the link from Youtube opened in any window of your browser and click on the video download button provided in the application. You can even go for the other applications like tube mate, etc. If you are using an Android Smart Phone.


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