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How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox for Windows

How to Install Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a web browser developed by the Mozilla foundation and its contributors. This browser was released in September 23, 2012 initially and is a browser with ultra lightning speed. This browser works for windows, OS X, and Linux and also comes in mobile versions for android and window phones.

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox for Windows

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox for Windows

According to the stats recorded, Mozilla Firefox had half a billion active users around the globe. With the increasing users, the queries about this web browser have also a risen and some people experience some problems while trying to install it either due to the lack of knowledge or due to some other problems. In this article, thus we are up with some ways applying which Mozilla Firefox will get easily installed on your device, some of which are as follows:-

Why Do I Need Mozilla Firefox?

This browser supports features like tabbed browsing, functioning with the add-ons, spell checking, pdf creation, live bookmarking, download manager and private browsing. The security model adopted by the browser is simply awesome and it limits data accessing from other websites and the features provided are simply awesome. The concept of multiple tabbing made it an excellent choice to have. The abundance of features that it provides makes it a perfect choice for all devices.

Installing Mozilla Firefox In Android Smart Phones:-

Those who wish to add Mozilla Firefox to their Android devices can simply look for it on play store and download it. It does not cost much data but comes equipped with fantabulos speeds. You can even get it from somebody else via Bluetooth or some application like share it. When you have got the application installed, you can now click on it to follow the installation process. When the application gets installed, it will depict two options, one would be to finish the installation process or to open the application.

Installing Mozilla Firefox In Windows And Linux:-

Linux offers this browser to be downloaded from the separate market link provided. You can even download it from the package management and install it creating the shortcut accepting the license agreements. Make sure to have the required libraries needed to install the browser, or you may even visit the internet link of Firefox browser web page. The page has been atomized to recommend the best version to the user. Mozilla Firefox Free Download Link

In case of Windows computers, you can copy the application from some friend’s computer or you may go to the website of the browser in order to download it. The web page of this browser will automatically direct you to the most suitable version. You can click on this green download button to download this application. When this application gets downloaded, you just need to left click and click the run icon in the menu. Click yes to accept the license agreement and then click finish. You can now create the shortcut on your desktop for this application. Now when you have configured this web browser, you can now test it to be working. Adjust the settings to check if the GPRS settings are proper or not.


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