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How to Donate Eyes After Death Procedure

How to Donate Eyes


Eye donation does not mean that you are donating your eyes while being alive. Actually, when you die, your eyes also die with you as people either burn your body or bury you deep inside the earth. Your eyesight is also taken with you this way, but if you sign an eye donation bond that you wish to have your eyes donated after your death so that someone may be able to see the world with them, this changes the entire world of some individual who is not able to see because of the natural fault with his or her eyes and thus you get blessings of that person and also a life gets improved. If you wish to donate your eyes, the procedure goes as follows:-

How to Donate Eyes After Death Procedure

How to Donate Eyes After Death Procedure

1. Contact a Netralaya in Your Area:-

Netralaya is a Hindi word which means eye bank. Eye donation banks are available in approximately every region these days. If you can’t manage to find one physically, you can search for it over the internet with your area’s name written in search box of any search engine as a keyword along with the word “Eye donation bank” and a Variety of results will get displayed on screen.

2. Sign a Bond with Them:-

After you find an eye donation centre for yourself, you can either call them by your mobile number or you can physically visit the place to sign an eye donation bond with them. This bond is to specify that you wish to donate your eyes after your death as a volunteer so that someone may be able to see this world with your eyes.

3. Get the Certificate/Donor Card:-

After you sign the donation bond, you are handed over with a donor card or donor certificate which is a sign of the agreement that you wish to donate your eyes after your death. A copy of this certificate is also kept reserved with the eye bank authority.

4. Mention about It to Your Family:-

After you get the eye donation certificate, you can mention about it to your family. Simply mention them about the name of eye bank organization and don’t forget to mention that it is your own will to donate your eyes and no-one has forced you for it. Tell your children or wife that this is your last wish and they should inform the eye donation firm after you die to take your eyes as a donation from your side.

5. Donation with Your Will When you are alive:-

You can even donate your eye if you are alive. This requires your written consent as well as your physical examination to check whether you are free from all kinds of disease or not after this check-up some formalities are made and you are able to donate your eyes. Please note that not all the eye care centers agree for these types of operation as they never make someone blind to give someone else his eyes.

6. Eyes Need To Be Removed As Soon As Possible:-

The eyes can be taken out in time less than six hours after your death. The eye removal can be done only till these six hours complete as after this time of a person’s death, the eyes are of no use for anyone.


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