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How to do Suicide Without Getting Pain

How to do Suicide Without Pain


There comes a time in everybody’s life when he or she is frustrated and wants to suicide. There may be any reason behind it and the person may not even feel it comfortable to be told to anybody at any cost. Some people get indulged in bad habits and find it difficult for them to live with the burden of committing a sin and some even fall a prey to fake love and then plan to suicide. Here in this article I am explaining some way of committing a suicide.

How to do Suicide Without Getting Pain

How to do Suicide Without Getting Pain

Ask Yourself, Why Has Your Life Become So Cheap For You?

Someone has rightly said,” cowards die many times before the death but the brave faces it only once in his life”. If you have planned to suicide, there must be surely a reason behind it. But you get a life only once and if that ends, you won’t get it back. First advice I would like to give you is to ask yourself why you want to suicide.

Has your life become so cheap for you that you want to end it? Life is the gift of god and only he, has the right to end it. Think once again. If you have fallen a prey to some bad habit, you can easily get rid of it. If you have committed some crime, just go and confess it in the church with father or in front of the god and swear not to do anything like that again.

If you have got bankrupt and you want to suicide because you have to pay the debts, I will call you a fool if you commit suicide because of it as its only the hands that do labor to earn the money and when you are fit and fine, you can earn it again also. If your beloved partner has ditched you and it is the reason you want to suicide, this world is full of people, my dear some will like you and be with you while some will even ditch you. You still have a big life ahead and someone better than your past is sure to come in your life someday. Let it be any reason, your life is not a cheap cost to pay. Think once more, you can still choose to survive.

Ways of Suiciding:-

There are countless ways that people try to suicide, Some try to cut off their wrist and some try to jump in a river, some even try to take a high dose of poisonous pills and some try to die getting suffocated because of asphyxia. Some even aim guns at themselves and try to die with a bullet and some even choose to be hanged till death. Some try railways, cylinder burns etc, but may I tell you my dear, there is still a possibility that you survive as nobody can die till it is destined for him to die. There are some cases that try to suicide, but neither do they die, nor do they live, they have to spend rest of their lives in hospitals living dependently on others.

It Is Never Too Late, Get A Life:-

Yes, It is never too late for you to get back a life. You can still choose to be brave and face the adversities of life. Think again, suppose you try to suicide and instead of dying, you get paralyzed or some body part gets damaged seriously, but you are still alive craving to live or to die in a hospital. Will that condition be better or you are better now? Be mature enough to take decisions in a smart manner when you can be brave enough to face your death, can’t you be brave enough to fight for a better life with yourself?


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