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How to do Push up Exercise at Home (5 Steps)

How to do Push up at Home


Push up refers to a muscular physical exercise that is done by lying on the floor to enhance the building of chest muscles as well as to enhance the formation of your biceps. This exercise involves the contraction of muscles of chest as well as hands and legs and thus can be beneficial for all in several ways and thus here we are explaining for you, the way to do it.

How to do Push up Exercise at Home (5 Steps)

How to do Push up Exercise at Home

1. Choose A Suitable Place:-

The first thing that you need to do to do push up is to choose a suitable place to do it. You can do it on the lowest stair of your house or you may even find two bricks and use them as your push ups platform. You can even use some pipe immersion fixed at the floor of your house to do this exercise. You can even ask some of your friend to accompany you while doing so or you can even take the help of some good gym trainer.

2. Make The Setup:-

Lay a mat with two bricks kept at the proper place where you will keep your hands. Keep them parallel with at least 1.5 feet distance for a normal person. You can adjust the distance depending on the area between your both hands. You can use iron, immersion as well as last stair of your staircase instead of bricks. You can even do the exercise by simply lying on the floor with your back upside according to your comfort level.

3. Getting Started:-

First of all you need to get in the proper position. Lie down with your weight kept on chest, keeping your feet together and hands wider slightly than your shoulders to straighten both arms and chest keeping your stomach tightened. You should now bring your chest close to the earth stretching your arms downside breathing out and then bring your portion upwards inhaling air. Your legs should not touch the ground and instead the tips of fingers only should be in touch with it.

You have to lighten your body weight while doing this. You can stretch your hands while moving downwards or if you still feel lacking somewhere, You can ask some of your friend to give you a live demo and then you can repeat the process after him. Then practice again yourself. You can start with 5 push ups for the first day and keep practicing. You can surely go for ten the next day.

4. Online Videos:-

You can even watch some online pushup videos watching which you can learn the way in a better sense. Keep practicing. You can even go to some playground and watch the people doing it. make yourself, learn more with each coming day. Do the exercise in sets and take rest in between.

5. Increasing Your Difficulty Level:-

The day you learn how to do push ups, you can ask some small boy to sit on your back increasing your difficulty level. The more weight you increase, the more will be the level of difficulty and the more you will gain through this exercise.


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