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How to do More Pull ups Everyday (6 Steps)

How to do More Pull ups Every day


Pull ups is an exercise that can help you a lot to build muscular energy in yourself and can even help you tone your muscles and have a great physique. Those who do pull ups regularly are even healthier and thus in this topic we are explaining some ways for you to practice this exercise.

How to do More Pull ups Every day

How to do More Pull ups

1. Choose a Place:-

In order to do pull-ups, you need to learn to choose a place. You can go to some playground or you can even chose to do pull-ups at your home using some bar or some slab. You just have to find a pull up bar for yourself. Fix it somewhere and go for it. If you have chosen some playground, You can even choose to do pull up on some pole of basket ball or even hockey or football ring.

2. Getting Started:-

Get started with the pull-up bar or iron pole and try to pull yourself up by applying force in the upside direction. You need to keep yourself centered and try to lift your body upwards by applying force upwards with your hands, keeping the rest of your body light enough to be lifted up.

3. Balancing Your Body Weight:-

You have to balance your body weight by crossing your feet together. If you are wearing some sports shoes, you can even eject them out from your toes. It will take time for you to learn and thus you can even take help of some of your friend to do this. He can assist and help you to go upside and then come downside. Do first 10 pull ups with your friend’s help and then do them yourself.

4. Repeat The Process:-

You might feel it to be a tough task in the beginning, but as you learn it, it will get easier for you. You can start by ten pull ups a day and then you may extend it to twenty or thirty within each set. You will have to learn while doing that and when you do that, countless tricks and techniques will get developed by themselves.

5. Improvement With Videos:-

If you will go to some web sites like or, you will easily find some videos based on pull ups out there on it. Just enter pull ups as a key word in its search box and countless videos will get displayed seeing which you can enhance your technique to do pull ups. If you are going to some playground to practice this thing, you might even find several others also going for the same, you can ask them the way how to do it and they will show you their way of doing it. You will be able to learn it by seeing it in a better way.

6. Increase Your Difficulty Level:-

The last thing that I will advice you is to increase your difficulty level with each coming day. You can even keep on increasing the weight associated by attaching some weights with your legs. The more you increase your difficulty level, the more you will learn it.


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